Random Updates!

I stumbled upon a blogger who says “Wtf” more than I do and has explanation for why she says wtf so much. Yes, a SHE.. Wtf? I like! Lol.. *fourfeetnine*

Wait til I do my own version of why I say wtf so much. Yes, yes.. Inspirations incoming! ^^

Oh, now not only mum said I looked pale. Even Boey said so.. And Calvin with his blank look of approval. *OMGasp!* If one said so, never mind. Now three??! T-T||

Met up with them at Secret Recipe. Wtf. Imagine. Three guys, one table, no gals, so damn expensive! Lol. And I couldn’t feel any bits of the RM12 lemon cheese cake and ice lemon tea in my stomach.. T-T||

Random Updates!

To Be Or Not To Be?

That was and still is the dilemma.

To be, I will incur the wrath of some shitholes which I probably don’t care about anyway. But then, peace and harmony will never ever appear in the same page of life of mine and them. In short, I happy, they angry.

Not to be, I will probably be thumping my chest saying “Wtf?!!” for the 23235708641843566th time in a row. In short, I sad, they happy.

Enlightment, anyone?

To Be Or Not To Be?


Home finally! Nothing much to say. Mum managed to make me LOL’ed big time last night.

Mum said:

1. I looked thinner already T_T|
2. My hair’s ugly T_T||
3. I’m pale like on drugs or something T_T|||

Me say: NO WAY! You old dy lar.. Don’t know fashion.. Bad taste! Hahaha..

Suffice to say, I’m home now, alive and kicking and in greatest of health.

Sidenotes: I hate it when people acts as if they know me too god damn well when they don’t even have a single friggin’ clue as to what I was thinking in my head! Eat that, you piece of shit!

Side sidenotes: I also wanna say, I hate it when people snuggle up to each other like nobody’s business! Shit you, people! Want make love, make it at home please. Especially when you are ugly. Irritated me to hell yesterday in bus. Gargh.. My eyes!


Homeward Bound!

The thoughts about me going home… *shivers*

How could I not feel excited by the thoughts of going home anymore?

Stared at the two lines above for a very long time. Whatever, fuck it. Homeward bound in 1hour 30minutes!


Listening to: Chris Daughtry – What About Now

Homeward Bound!

Feel It!


Author: Joanna

We were so young, so carefree
We had the world on a string
But we didn’t yet know
what the next day would bring

Will I be forced
to grow up too fast?
We’ve got to take it back,
but we can’t change the past

I had so much potential,
that’s what they’ll say
How could one moment
change my life this way?

How were we to know
that one little mistake
would come back to haunt me
with every breath I take?

Something I found on Jeremy’s blog which he copied from www.azlovepoems.com. Hiak hiak, don’t blame me for plagiarising. At least I’m giving credit where it’s due. I just thought it was an awfully nice poem.

Feel It!

Mission Accomplished!

LOL! I did it! Room clean and tidy. Without a single speck of dust in sight! Wahahaha! Cause tomorrow I’ll be homeward bound! xD Another last minute job well done! *winks*

On a sadder note: In the process of cleaning up my room, I inadvertently forced my long time roommate, Siu Keong out of his sanctuary. To prevent him from venturing further to the outside world and see it’s harsh reality, I ended his life with a few slaps of broom. Rest in peace, dear Siu Keong. I will miss you. Seriously.

On an even sadder brighter note: I’m over it. It’s a good thing I guess? No? Gotta live with it though.. ^^ I sincerely hope God bless you for your naivety *gasp!*. Omitofut. Amen. Bismillah. What’s the blessing phrase for Indians?

Random stuff: Is it me or does Jay’s new album, Capricorn gets better everytime I listen to it?

Mission Accomplished!