Whatever comes to mind..

People would stop reading my blog now if I were to start off this post with “Today’s my third day of work and..”. But then again, it’s my blog and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do! So here goes:

Today’s my third day of work and life had been pretty mundane yet strangely good in a good sense of way. Everything seems to fall in nice order now. Office, back home, sleep, wake up, cycle continues.. I just made my life sounds so bad here but trust me, it’s not. I felt alive, motivated to get my life moving.

Just waiting for activities and events to come rolling in to spice life up a little.

Office life, boss called barely ten minutes into work looking for Sue and I can’t recognise his voice. Asked him who he was. Got the word “N00B” stamped all over my forehead.. LOLZZZ. Sue was late as usual, and got all tensioned when I told her boss was looking for her. Gotta learn to backup colleague in future, noted.

Torn between boss and pretty colleague.. Mwahaha. Dilemma dilemma.. A lot of “what ifs” are floating through ma mind now.. Hmmm.

Whatever comes to mind..

Internship Life

Am blogging from office @ Solaris Dutamas now.. LOL.

Yours truly had started working at Universal Team Builders if you haven’t know.. Hehe. First day, nothing much. Did much of the noobish tasks eg; packing teh tarik for boss, cleaning up closet, organising photo folders in laptop and helping out Sue, my female colleague.. 🙂 

Today’s the second day. The people are renovating the office and I can’t do my work. Hey it’s not my fault I’m online now, okay? xD

Nice boss, checked. Pretty colleague, checked. Serious work, not yet.

Oh, my new place to stay @ Sri Putramas Condo. Loving the environment! Haven’t checked out the gym and swimming pool there.. Waiting for weekend! xD

Internship Life

Christmas Fra-la-la-la~

Alright, December 25th. Am getting out of Kampar in a few hours. Internship life gonna start in 3 more days. And in exactly 6 more days & 1 second, hello 2010! 

A whole year had passed, for better or worse. Hopefully the former. Added another year of growing up to my life. People, lost some, gained some. Am a much better person overall, me thinks. Ahhh counting the days as life goes by.

Anyway, HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A MERRY NEW YEAR to whom I may or may not know!

Let this festive season brings you joy and love and more joy and love to you and people around you.

Christmas Fra-la-la-la~

Keseorangan Pada Malam Sebelum Krismas

This Christmas eve I’m spending it alone. Just like all the previous Christmases.

On this rather uneventful day, me woke up early, had breakfast at Ghany and cycled all the way to settle the bills at Maybank and TMnet.

Chiu Yen on the other hand was sleeping soundly when I decided to call her. Twas 11am then.

Also on this uneventful day, I met Nini on my way back. Accompanied her to buy a chipmunk soft toy for her boyfriend and had lunch with her.

And then the boring me decided to cut me hair to make this rather uneventful day more eventful.

Still, the day was uneventful. It was soon filled with Priya’s boring nags and noise. For a while. And then she and Peiyee went back home.

The day went downhill all the way after that.

Dinner was lonely. Shops were closed tighter than whatever, I was gonna say pussy-hole. LOL.

Saw three stray dogs chasing a poor mice. Dead at the end, but it did put up a brave fight.

Nothing else to say. No merry Christmas for me.

Who’s gonna fill up my Christmas eve and the day itself? T___________T

Keseorangan Pada Malam Sebelum Krismas


Watched Avatar. The movie is surprisingly good I must say! It was in fact awesome! It had my eyes glued on the screen throughout the 2 and a half hours. That is, if you manage to get over the smurf-like movie poster. It’s that bad yeah, the poster. Haha. Taught me one thing though; Never judge a book by its cover. Anyway, this movie involves human, their greed, alien-fantasy-like aliens, the fight to protect their land, guns and ammos, and mechas and plane and tank, and bows and arrows, and creatures and monsters; flying and non-flying, beautifully decorated jungle and lastly love. *pukes*



Perfect Life is NOT Perfect

Study hard, means not studying smart enough. Study smart, means not studying hard enough. Whined for more free time when busy. Whined for something to do when too free. Loads of money, don’t know where to spend. No money, don’t know where to find money. Got girlfriend, girlfriend is irritating. No girlfriend, sighing while self servicing you-know-what. I don’t want life to be on two extreme ends. When you achieved something on the other end, you want the one on the other end.  Balanced life is boring. Too exciting, can’t stand it. How to have perfect life then?

Ignore my random craps. Just randoming. Kekeke..

Special announcement: Woot! The visitor count to this blog just shot past the 10000 mark!

I guess I’m famous in some way. Lame fame, I know.. xD

Perfect Life is NOT Perfect