I have actually started to appreciate the work I do, deeply. I love the feedbacks from clients. I love their compliments. I love keeping them happy. I love having a team like this doing teambuilding program every time. And I love the way we sang “Kau Ilhamku” on the stage together. Being my inspirations. They all are. Words can hardly describe my feelings accurately. Most of all, I love being a “Yes-man”!

And I got to know Jane and Teressa this week 😛


Stressful Summerset

Had a seriously stressful 2D1N teambuilding program at Summerset Rompin Resort the other day. When you thought people couldn’t get any stupider than they are, out pops a dumbfuck. Or dumbfucks, in Summerset’s case. First impression of the place was awesome! Grand lobby in the middle of nowhere, jungl-ish outdoor that’s just perfect for recreational activities, and one hell of a windy sea-side for emo guys to sit at. What’s missing? The service there is fucking retarded!

Diarrhea from the lunch, late breakfast, squishy fried mee, the kaput sound system, dysfunctional aircons, bloody kurang ajar jungle trekking fella, fuckin’ sea rafting facilities that made my job of ensuring the program flow 178461728436128451278361278361 times more difficult! I’m still feeling the post-traumatic stress til today.

But as they say, there’s a silver lining in every grey cloud or something like that. The people from the Japanese restaurant chain is super awesome! We ask them to do jungle survival cooking, the sushi chefs came up with this:

Professionalism 24/7, even in the jungle!

And the only things we provided them are some rice, eggs, ikan bilis, sugar, oil, salt, chillis and solid fuel. I wouldn’t mind getting stucked with them in the jungle as long as there’s good food.. 😀

The teams’ spirit was fantastic! They faced all the obstacle challenges, high ropes element, sea-rafting etc with their never-say-die attitude. Aja aja fighting! Too bad, I’m not sure if posting up their pictures would go against the company policies, so better safe than sorry! 😉

At the end of the program, me as usual had aches all over the body.. Huhu 😥

And here’s where the Touches de Siam story comes in. Til then, hehe.

Stressful Summerset