I am back! ;D

Oh how long have I abandoned my dear bloggie.. 😛

What I’ve done for this one whole month, I myself don’t really know. Was just eagerly counting down the remaining days left in UTAR. Couldn’t wait, couldn’t wait.. 😉

I guess a lot of stuffs had been running through my mind, that I decided to get a break from Kampar. Anger, worries, anxiety, everything. Went working immediately after classes finished. Haven’t even had my final examinations yet, lol. Ahhh the things I need to worry about.. where to work, what car to buy, when to work, where to live, how to live bla bla bla.. The puzzle pieces gonna fall into their respective places very soon. Therefore, I’m gonna live my life as it goes.. 😀

Was at Philea Resort & Spa at Ayer Keroh last weekend. Great looking resort, definitely a place worth bringing your loved ones to. Too bad never had the chance to stay there. Slept at Equatorial Hotel instead. Work-wise was terrible; the jams at stupid Melaka town, emo’ing people to bear with, the blisters, the hoo-hahs and what-nots. Of course there are a few pleasant surprises along the way. I think I like all my UTB’s colleague now, LOL! The few permanent ones that is.

Lived with Calvin and Wai Jing. Had a taste of living in KL; the preliminary rounds of working, driving, and enjoying life at KL.

While I was busy working and all, the rest of the people kept spamming Facebook with graduation trips and stuffs like that. Going here and there, planning this and that, inviting who and who and worse of all: spamming my inbox with Facebook comments. Can’t stand them.

Another random thought I got when I see people smoking in toilet. As if the cigarette’s smell is not bad enough, they gotta stand in groups at toilets to suck in the shitty air together as well with the ciggy’s smoke. Retards.

And lastly, 3 more days to finals examination! Haven’t read anything, but good luck to all. It’s the last semester for most of the psychology students in my batch. 6 more days before I leave UTAR for good. Weeeeee!~~

I am back! ;D

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