Maersk Assessments

Went to Maersk at Glenmarie, Shah Alam for some job assessment and personality test last week before Chinese New Year. This was supposed to be some preliminary filtering process before they start interviewing the candidates. Part one of the test was the “Logical Assessment Test” where you are required to answer 50 questions in 12 minutes. You are to answer as many as you can and there’s no penalty for wrong/unanswered questions. Some of the reactions from the rest of the candidates when they heard this, lol:

Good thing I went prepared, lol. So should anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog when you googled “Maersk’s Assessment”. At first I was trying to spot whether it was a lame ass trick question paper or something. But nope, you gotta answer all (as fast as you can). The tricks are pretty simple actually. Don’t gan-cheong when the HR people tell you what to do at first. Be organised and think quicker than usual (duh?). 50 questions, 12 minutes; answer approximately 4 questions per minute (not that difficult now, eh?). Tembak the last 2 questions, lol and you have basically answered all questions.

Or I can tell you the real name of the test, and you can google up some practice questions to do before you attend the assessment like I did: Wonderlic Test. Ahhh the wonders of Google, lol!

The second part: personality test. It felt like Personality Plus but I’m not really sure. Oh well, just tick all the characteristics that would make the interviewers think that you are  a “Powerful Choleric”. I think they gonna prefer this personality more than the other types in Personality Plus. And I was so glad that I read the Personality Plus book before, lol. Read up on the Big Five personality also, just in case. Oh wait, I think it is called Predictive Index (PI). I wouldn’t pin much hope on this personality test because there are no correct or wrong answers. Pretty subjective as in all the case of self-reported inventories.

And the bestest part in this assessment was: you can take the assessment in your preferred language. Meaning you get to choose from English, Malay or Mandarin question sets. Even ah-beng can pass this damn thing easily!

The assessments took about 1 hour to complete.

But fyi, at this time of writing, me the writer of this piece of Maersk’s assessment guide, haven’t passed this yet. A matter of time, I think, haha? Or I could be worse than ah-beng! xD

Even so, I’m not gonna beat myself too hard about this. Will never let anyone or any stupid tests tell myself what I can or cannot do. Just gonna take it as a learning experience and exposure to the “scary” working world outside.

Edit: I passed the assessment test! Meaning what I did worked haha. Gonna have my interview session next week! 😀

Edit edit (May 1, 2011): Have been working in Maersk Line for almost two months now. 😀

Edit edit edit (Jan 20, 2014): Read a lot of stupid questions in the comment section when almost all the needed info were already written here. What else do you want me to spoonfeed you peeps? Meh.

Maersk Assessments