What’s for title?

Ahhh I feel bad not updating my blog for so long.. Ignored but not forgotten, just nothing great to boast or happy enough worth mentioning. Sick and tired of everything. Tired of all the mind games, tired of guessing what everyone is up to, tired of trying to please everybody but myself, tired of all the nonsense I had to endure.

List of things on my mind now:

  1. Damn those love songs. 😦
  2. What can I say? 😦
  3. Retarded ass
  4. Airin. LOL!
  5. Bicycle tyres need repairing.
  6. More retarded asses.
  7. Political science wtf.
  8. What should I get?
  9. I need sex.
  10. Number 9 is nonsense.

No solutions, no light at the end of tunnel, no nothing! 😦

What’s for title?

Of lost wallet and handphone

Finals in 5 days time. And as usual, I haven’t touch one bit of books at all. Hehe.. Before I go on and on about my laziness and how procrastination beat me in my own game, I shall blog about my rather unlucky week before.. T-T

Went to HELP for “On Becoming A Clinical Psychologist” talk last Wednesday with Chiu Yen, Jeremy and Chris. Talk was rather interesting, information gathered was apt, saw a few people there which interests me as usual. Suffice to say, the trip down to KL was not wasted. Just a little pricey on the bus ticket and on the way spending which included KFC, taxi fares and stuffs.

Went Midvalley after that. Had McD, watched GI Joe and fell asleep half-way watching, walked around. Chris and Jeremy went back Kampar, me and Chiu Yen went back Kajang and Cheras respectively around 10pm. And that’s when disaster strikes. I got pick-pocketed at Midvalley KTM! Lost my beloved w850 handphone, lost my wallet and everything inside it which includes cash, atm cards, IC and random stuffs. Was so angry and sad at the same time. Lucky enough I’ve got Chiu Yen with me.. T-T Borrowed some money from her mum, called my Kajang friends *good thing I remembered a few phone numbers* to fetch me.

So instead of chilling out with friends at Kajang, I spent most of my time cancelling ATM cards, getting back my sim card, making police report and being frustrated with the fucker/s who pick-pocketed me!

*I’m lazy to type out the remaining post now* LOL

To be continued..

Of lost wallet and handphone