Maersk Assessments

Went to Maersk at Glenmarie, Shah Alam for some job assessment and personality test last week before Chinese New Year. This was supposed to be some preliminary filtering process before they start interviewing the candidates. Part one of the test was the “Logical Assessment Test” where you are required to answer 50 questions in 12 minutes. You are to answer as many as you can and there’s no penalty for wrong/unanswered questions. Some of the reactions from the rest of the candidates when they heard this, lol:

Good thing I went prepared, lol. So should anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog when you googled “Maersk’s Assessment”. At first I was trying to spot whether it was a lame ass trick question paper or something. But nope, you gotta answer all (as fast as you can). The tricks are pretty simple actually. Don’t gan-cheong when the HR people tell you what to do at first. Be organised and think quicker than usual (duh?). 50 questions, 12 minutes; answer approximately 4 questions per minute (not that difficult now, eh?). Tembak the last 2 questions, lol and you have basically answered all questions.

Or I can tell you the real name of the test, and you can google up some practice questions to do before you attend the assessment like I did: Wonderlic Test. Ahhh the wonders of Google, lol!

The second part: personality test. It felt like Personality Plus but I’m not really sure. Oh well, just tick all the characteristics that would make the interviewers think that you are  a “Powerful Choleric”. I think they gonna prefer this personality more than the other types in Personality Plus. And I was so glad that I read the Personality Plus book before, lol. Read up on the Big Five personality also, just in case. Oh wait, I think it is called Predictive Index (PI). I wouldn’t pin much hope on this personality test because there are no correct or wrong answers. Pretty subjective as in all the case of self-reported inventories.

And the bestest part in this assessment was: you can take the assessment in your preferred language. Meaning you get to choose from English, Malay or Mandarin question sets. Even ah-beng can pass this damn thing easily!

The assessments took about 1 hour to complete.

But fyi, at this time of writing, me the writer of this piece of Maersk’s assessment guide, haven’t passed this yet. A matter of time, I think, haha? Or I could be worse than ah-beng! xD

Even so, I’m not gonna beat myself too hard about this. Will never let anyone or any stupid tests tell myself what I can or cannot do. Just gonna take it as a learning experience and exposure to the “scary” working world outside.

Edit: I passed the assessment test! Meaning what I did worked haha. Gonna have my interview session next week! 😀

Edit edit (May 1, 2011): Have been working in Maersk Line for almost two months now. 😀

Edit edit edit (Jan 20, 2014): Read a lot of stupid questions in the comment section when almost all the needed info were already written here. What else do you want me to spoonfeed you peeps? Meh.

Maersk Assessments

160 thoughts on “Maersk Assessments

  1. fazzy says:

    what they ask during the interview session? what i should I know about the technical past? I’m really off from the shipping subject..try my luck

  2. b t says:

    Took the assessment test. You just have to answer a minimum number in the 12 mins. What that number is I don’t know, but I’m guessing minimum 30 out of 50.. Speed is the key so take the practice exams online just before you go so you are in the proper frame of mind for this. That’s the best advice.

    Good luck…

  3. 10 – You are literate.
    24 – Average score everybody got.
    30 – A safe bet.

    But whether to strike for the highest score or aim for the minimum, it’s up to you 😛

    1. Gaby says:

      How many times did you take the test!? I took 2 times and the first they give ne the negative answer the same day.. but this week i did again and i didn’t receive answer.. this is normal??? Let me know please, I’m very anxious

  4. Archana says:

    Hi Wynkenx,
    I’m gonna take the test in India in first week of June. Can u gimme ur e-mail id, so I can discuss some more things abt Maersk recruitment?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Yezdan Irani says:

    Hi im appeaarin for the test on tuesday.i pretty much suck at maths.Please sugget wat should i do…….som sample test,type of questions will relly help

  6. farhah says:

    hi. i also get the assessment last Friday and fortunately i passed! still dunno when the interview but can i know how the interview process will be? is there going to be 2nd interview? and i applied for it support exec. any ideas?

  7. Archana: have said all there is to know about ML interview
    Yezdan: skip all the math questions first? like I did.. I sucked at maths too ahaha
    Farhah: pretty general interview I suppose. good luck! 🙂

  8. csm says:

    Hey, I passed the test and I’m waiting for the interview. Mind me asking if you are part of the MLGP or are you in a different position?


  9. Jun says:

    Heyy, I cleared the assessment test. Now they have called me for organizational survey after 2 days. Can any one of you make me clear what does this ‘organizational survey’ is to do with?? and what they will be doing in it.


  10. Kadri says:

    Wanna know if i dont clear the test in the first attempt, then can i appear it again at later dates, i heard that you can only appear for once in your lifetime for the test…….. is it correct, if you fail in the first attempt – you are not allowed to take the test ever again!!!

    1. Jack says:

      Hi Hana,

      Hope you are well. I have my interview with Maersk Drilling next week and was wondering if you could share your experience of the logical assessment but also the two interviews – in order to help me best prepare. Your help would be much appreciated – I look forward to hearing from you.


  11. anonymi universalis adiutor says:

    Your write-up was what i was precisely looking for!

    Regarding Logical Indicator assesment, I just want to know whether the questions was a mix of numerical reasoning and verbal or just verbal or how. Can you give me a general pattern of type of questions they had asked.

    I had already taken my Predictive Index through online, the logical assesment and interview to be held together next week. And i am preparing for the same.

    Cheers 🙂

    Your sincere effort is appreciated.

      1. nlr says:

        HAI ! Can u kindly help me where i can get samples of these PI and LI tests? Are you sure there are no negative marks for wrong answers.Thanks for replying

  12. Jakub says:

    Hei, I filled up test 50 questions 12 min in maersk sended by email, I made decision to dont miss any question (these more difficult) and I answered belowe 20 questions, maybe it is right maybe not but I am not these kind of persons who miss more difficult tasks, and think that assesment is also to separate these kind of people who miss more difficult tasks.

    1. Jack says:

      Hi Mahj,

      Hope you are well. I have my interview with Maersk Drilling next week and was wondering if you could share your experience of the logical assessment but also the two interviews – in order to help me best prepare. Your help would be much appreciated – I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. nlr says:

      HAI wynkenx! Can u kindly help me where i can get samples of these PI and LI tests? Are you sure there are no negative marks for wrong answers.Thanks for replying.

    2. Jack says:

      Hi Wynkenx,

      Hope you are well. I have my interview with Maersk Drilling next week and was wondering if you could share your experience of the logical assessment but also the two interviews – in order to help me best prepare. Your help would be much appreciated – I look forward to hearing from you.


  13. Airun says:

    Hey! Can anyone give me some information about the Predictive Index Survey? How can they say if you pass/not pass just for marking some of the adjectives?

  14. nlr says:

    hey ! I am from Singapore and i have to appear for these Predictive Index (PI) assessment and the Logical Indicator (LI) assessment within 3 days. Can some one soon tell me where do i practice these?Thanks

    1. Jack says:

      Hi nrl,

      Have you been invited for the interview – which is Logical Indicator assessment along with face-to-face interview? I am applying from Scotland. What position have you went for?

  15. Jack says:

    Any advice for the interview stage with Maersk? I have mine at there offices next week (for drilling – however all units/locations will have a similar approach to their interview) so all experiences would be much appreciated with regards to the test and both interviews conducting (i.e. typical questions asked, technical exercises carried out etc)


    1. Jack says:

      Hi Clarence,

      The tests are really easy. One is just: which is the highest number: 6/7 4/5 6/3 etc and the other is just how you think people expect you to act and how you do act, you just tick boxes that apply.
      Have you had your interview yet or been told if you are attending one?
      If so any advice? mine is next week


      1. Sanya says:

        Hi Jack,

        How long did you get information that you have to attend the interview session? (from the online test)
        I got the online test on end of Feb, but until now I don’t get the information yet about I pass the online test or not.


  16. Yvonne says:


    I’m going for the assessment test tomorrow morning in their Nairobi Kenya office, where does one find practice tests?


  17. Kudzai Shereni says:

    Took the test, got the result, had all follow-up interviews and got the offer all in the same day. I was told that my score of 42 was in the top 90-something percentile. My best advice would be to practice some mental math, as all other parts of the test really boils down to logical reasoning and proficiency in the test language.

    Hope that helps.

  18. sarah says:

    I will have exam here on Singapore both Preventive Index and Logical Indicator assessment. Hoping to pass the exam

    1. Ridz says:

      Hi Sarah, I’m Ridzuan from Singapore too! =) Just did my PI and IL online. I don’t think i could sleep after answering 25 questions out of 50 here…If you could please drop me an email on this and I’m interested to know on your progression with maersk. Truly much appreciated.

      Best regards

  19. Anuj Gandhi says:

    Hi, I have failed the test last year, now what am I not eligible to sit for Maersk interviews in my life time ever or what? I am not getting this system.

    This is what I have informed that today while I have applied for the opening last week.

    Is there any alternate way or I just need to remove Maersk from my criteria of job search?

    Pl adv if you have any info.


    1. gurprit says:

      Even I gv my assesment on 27th bt was not able to clear jst wntd 2 knw that I will never be able to apply again and there would be no further interviews held for it that clearing of assesment is must

  20. john murray says:

    There is a youtube post from a Russian guy who has filmed himself doing the PLI. Unfortunately for me it’s in Russian however the clip starts with him doing the 3 practise questions then he moves directly onto the test. To my mind this should take more than 12 minutes however the video only lasts 9 minutes 39 seconds!! My theory is the second half of the supposed 12 minute test goes much quicker than the first making you panic slightly and possibly start making mistakes under pressure. Anyone watched this youtube clip?

    1. Ramakrishnananda says:

      Hell john, can you pls send this youtube link. I could not find in the search. I have to take test today. ram.gold9 at
      Thank you very much

  21. Ridz says:

    I just finished doing PI and IL test online. I only answered 25 question out of 50 in 12 minutes. And i figured out that i got like 2 questions wrong. Sigh. Whats the take on this test? Anybody please? I’m kind of worried about not finishing all 50 questions. Btw, I’m from Singapore, applying with Maersk Drilling. Whats the next step after this test? How long do they take to informed you the result and how long after they would take to call you back?

    Thanks All
    Much appreciated


  22. cappy J says:

    i took the test today. I could only attempt 47, i think my score would be 41-42.. is it a good score or a disaster? should i ask for a re-test? i think i spent too much time on one question and therefore could not attempt all questions.

  23. zico says:

    hello guys!
    i have to do that test next monday,i wonder if it IQ test or GRE test, or has another name plzz tell me
    my position is deck cadet??

  24. prem prakash says:

    I have just taken PLI test and can say that in one test, i got some 20 questions right and the other probably will have around 30. Don’t know, how it is…any suggestions 😉

  25. nabeel says:

    hi , I filled up test 50 questions 12 min in maersk sended by email, I made it and got final score of 015 mark. is this good mark?

  26. Damien says:

    “March 12, 2014 at 1:17 pm | #69
    hi , I filled up test 50 questions 12 min in maersk sended by email, I made it and got final score of 015 mark. is this good mark?”

    Hi, how can I check my PLI test score? I took test some time ago, but I have no idea what is my score…

  27. Ind says:

    hi, does anybody know how to evaluate myself results. I got 26 out of 34 that I managed to fill. what’s my IQ level?

  28. Dave says:

    HR told me the average score is 21. I just took the test and scored a 41. ]I was less than a second away from scoring a 42 when the time ran out. They have only seen a few people score 40+.

  29. ^cocky braggin lol
    shit I just got sent my test schedule today, this is prolly gonna be my umpteenth failure 😦
    I know this is kinda ignorant and dumb but I have no choice, here’s my email: any form of help will be profoundly appreciated. Thanks!

  30. vijay kumar says:

    Sir, i have cleared pli test last year but failed in interview. So sir . can u tell me can i attend next interview without pli test

  31. Elena says:

    would you please advise for how long had you been waiting for the interview invitation after you have passe the required tests for Maersk?

  32. Mans says:

    would you please advise for how long had you been waiting for the interview invitation after you have completed the required tests for Maersk and I donot know my score yet .

  33. hari says:

    Hi Everybody. I appeared for the PLI/PIonline and after a few days got a call to attend a site profiling, which I understand is another PLI/ PI within next few days. Anybodyhere with similar experience. Any comment will be appreciated.

  34. hari says:

    OK. Attended the site profiling. It was indeed nothing but another PLI. Within about two weeks got an email about having cleared the profiling and an invitation for a face to face interview. Any input about the interview from experienced people out there will be appreciated.

  35. hari says:

    Ok. After about a week got a message from HR that I have cleared the interview. Invited for a telephonic discussion with Country Head for the Function. Completed the telephonic interview. Asked to wait for further information from HR.

  36. Thank you Wynkenx for your post. I would have blindly walked into the PLI/PI tests. Apparently the worderlic test worked because the HR just called to schedule a face-to-face interview. Any tips on that as well??

    1. hari says:

      Hi there! Questions like – tell me about yourself, working in a team, narrate an example from personal experience, situation based questions viz how will you deal with …..Hpoe this helps. All the best!

      1. Prasanth says:

        Hi hari…3 days back attended online PLI/PI much time i have to wait for the result.Please let me know …and the interview flow..

    1. Hi Hari, it would very helpful if you could answer. I have my interview with the CEO next week. I cleared the ones with HR. What type of interview is the one with the CEO? is it the same style? example questions? Thanks a lot

  37. Sudip says:

    I could attempt only 27 out of 50.
    I am pretty sure that ill get atleast 24 correct answers.
    Overall i would say that we the time is the main factor.
    We cant read the question more than once because we have just 12 mins for 50 questions.

  38. Austine says:

    Congrats Hari. Mine has been the reserve. I did all my interviews before I was asked to do the test. Did one with the regional hr and the county hr and then the country manager before getting the link to do the test online and was also asked to repeat the test onsite. I hear you have to do it twice. I haven’t got my test result yet but I asked the hr guy in the office in Copenhagen and he said I did well but couldn’t tell me my score. Fingers crossed though!

    1. Hi Austine, it would very helpful if you could answer. I have my interview with the CEO next week. I cleared the ones with HR. What type of interview is the one with the CEO? is it the same style? example questions? Thanks a lot

  39. Austine says:

    Raul, Mireya,and Teha, I hope your test went well. You can’t really see the exact Maersk test online so you just have to practice similar tests. The trick is to be fast, jump questions you can’t answer in less that 4 seconds and if you have time, you can come back to it. I got the job I applied for by the way….yaaayyyyyyy!

  40. Jaren says:

    Ummmm.. Well.. im just a student here… we are having our exams next week and luckily, i found this blog… it seems useful though…it a placement exam in maersk also… hope that i can get more ideas on how to pass the exam… please give me more ideas :DDD

  41. princewill says:

    Pls i am also in for the test on pretty soon. can any one send me some samples or past questions, so that I can prepare myself before the exams

  42. Rene says:

    Hello everybody.
    I took the test today after a full working day. Advice : Do not do.
    Schedule it for the morning when you are fresh and brain working better.
    I am not sure that the objective is to get the maximum answered questions leaving the difficult ones for the last, simply you will not have time to come back. I do think is more to do with the position you are applying for.
    Is really a fast test, not difficult at all, just usual logic , easy to guess answers.
    I will tell more later, when I get results.

  43. aizat zharif says:

    I will attend the assessments on this coming thursday at subang jaya. I really need everyone help especially who have experienced maersk assessment. Please share with me the questions and answers(if have) to my email Please asap. Really appreciate all your kind attention. Thank you!

  44. Munna says:

    Hi there, I have passed PI & LI test of maersk and HR asked to sit for another “short test” at their office so can anyone please tell what is this “short test” all about?.

    Thanks in advance.

  45. John says:

    Hello Munna, did you or anyone here apply for 2015 MLGB?

    If you did, what stage of recruitment are you now??? Thank you

  46. Slammy2015 says:

    I took the test and got 40+ online in the multiple choice, so they made me take another before the interview which wasn’t multiple choice, still 50q in 12m so I only got 35+ (Highest by far apparently)
    To be fair if you’ve ever played children’s brain training games it’s fairly easy!
    There’s loads of phone apps that help but don’t stress the interview is the most important. If you’ve made it that far you’ve got a good chance.
    Just prepare for all interviews the same and practice the questions you will be asked. A company wants to know why you want the job, what you know about the company, what you can bring to the company and what makes you the person they should hire!
    Make sure you know in your head all these questions and answers and you should be fine.
    this site won’t provide the questions and answers to the tests, use your time to prepare for the interview.
    Good luck all.

  47. Hopefully wish to be lucky says:

    I just completed the assessment! I wasn’t able to appear all 50 of them….But hope I get through! This job can turn tables in my life…………………..

    -Hopefully wish to be lucky

  48. imitare says:

    Is there any real research paper/w Scientific peer reviewed on the reliability and validity of those tests in predicting whatever Maersk believe in? i have a big doubt, when this year, i read another article from Scientific American saying that only 36% of top psychology papers, passed the reliability test…

    if it is such a succesful tool, how come the top 15 of fortune 500 are not using it? Beside in my last research on Maersk and Damco, they globally not doing so well in terms of business (at least not up to their expectations). Enlight me where does the gap come from???

  49. TN says:

    Does anyone know about the waiting time after PLI tests? Do they send out rejection email if someone did not pass the PLI tests?

  50. Shamleo says:

    Hy anyone can tell me what is good score to pass the test?
    Is this mendatory to pass PLI?
    I m not sure i may have attempted only 25 questions and suddenly my system got stuck i m not sure if i ill get any call or no?

    Any comments?

  51. SITI says:

    Hai.. I passed the online assessment and shortlisted for interview.
    There will be another assessment. What is all about? Is it the same?

  52. Avanti says:

    Hey, im going to sit the PLI test next week, could some of the people who has passed this test, tell me what you scored, just to have some kind of an indicator what I have to go for:)


  53. Maersk Hopeful says:

    Hi, Im gonna take the PLI assessment online. i think it is much easier taking the exam online? the position is for sale support in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cheers to all examiners!!

  54. Anna says:

    Hi, i took the online assessment before and got a call for another onsite assessment and interview. i went to the maersk office and took the exam, after a few minutes i was interviewed by the HR, after that the Team Leader and then the Hiring Manager. So i went to three interviews in one day! The last one to interview me said I will be interviewed again by some manager but she has to check first.. Until now I didnt receive any call??? Any ideas should i be waiting for more or just start with another job already?

    Also if you know the Maersk Graduate Program, i applied for that too and i got an email that they reviewed my profile and are impressed with it, and i just have to wait fr their next email about the next step of the recruitment process.

    I think i m starting to get anxious…. are they really ever going to call me ????

  55. Dark Knight says:

    Hi Anna, I also applied for the Maersk Graduate Prog. I took an online test and another one on site. That’s it for the moment. The process is kind of long.

  56. idam says:

    Hi, i applied for the position of Gate Clerk, n i was chosen to write the professional learning indicator text and PL test respectively of which i did, but for over a weeks and some days now i have not heard from Maersk regarding my performance in the text.please my question is , is it only those that pass the text that will get feedback?

  57. Zack says:

    I just done the online test, how long they usually give feedback from the test result? And how are u all people? Is there anyone that already worked for maersk? Please share the process, thanks


  59. Tawaphol Wanichkorn says:

    I just did the PLI test today and I did it badly (only answer 15 question and run out of time)

    Will they trash my application right away? Are there any other chance that they might consider my application ?

  60. Sudhager says:

    My onsite PLI & interview is scheduled for tomorrow at Maersk’s office in Chennai, India.
    Am looking forward for the best to get through the selection process

  61. Tunde says:

    Someone should help! I applied for the post of customer service agent in Nigeria. Am done with the PLI and the assessment and have been called on phone to know more about the company and how I can add value to the company. So what should I be expecting in the face to face interview please?

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