The Madness Continues

After whole night of L4D2 with Jeremy and Lawrence, the sleep-deprived me went to Jusco, Ipoh with Chiu Yen, Pei Ru, Eugene and Priya. Sleep? None.. xD

Watched Twilight – New Moon. Couldn’t understand the people’s obsessions with the movie. Pretty much sucked cock.

And I got this book from the Popular bookfair:

Being A Happy Teen, Andrew Matthews

Which was probably the most worthy stuff I got from this Ipoh trip.. xD

Did extensive damage to my wallet this time. And I don’t friggin’ care! Mwahahaha!

The Madness Continues

The Gathering

Had a good time preparing for this class gathering. Being together-gether, shopping this and that, chopping up stuffs, and cooking.. xD

Had an even better time when the real party began! xD

Photos for the night:

Chill-out Time!
Spot me? xD
Yours truly.. x)
This one me likey! x)

Went to A-Station for some L4D2-time after the party.. xD

The Gathering

UTAR Trekathon 2009

Yours truly was at Lake Gardens, KL for UTAR’s Trekathon 2009 today. Ran Okla, sort of ran for like 6km in the super-duper hell-of-a-huge park! Okay I admit I walked for like 6km.. But it’s still hell of a walk! Loves the scenery there. Loves the air there. Loves everything there.. x)

But was a tad disappointed by the food provided. After bertungkus-lumus to reach end point, we got nasi goreng KOSONG as our reward! It was dry and hard and barely edible.. -______-

At least Mr. Das from the Sports and Recreational department gave all of us some gay keychain pouch from Memory Lane as our souvenir, which I’m gonna hang around my bag now. Haha.

Oh, I felt 5kg lighter already! xD

UTAR Trekathon 2009

TVB Review: Born Rich (富贵门)

Starring: Lui Leung Wai (吕良伟), Lo Ka Leung (罗嘉良), Ma Tak Chung (马德钟), Yuen Wing Yi (袁咏仪), Kwok Ho Ying (郭可盈), Chik Mei Chun (戚美珍), Sit Ka Yin (薛家燕), Hui Shiu Hung (许绍雄)
Review: Initial thoughts when I heard of this TVB series was “Oh great, another Hearts of Greed, Gem of Life spin-off”. But this one falls short compared to the two mentioned. Having watched 11 episodes so far, the plot feels a bit filmsy for me. Read, b-o-r-i-n-g. Rich banker’s family, father gone missing, had an illegitimate son, a swindler sneaked into the family posing as the son, throw in some love triangle, confusions and politics. There, you have it all in one series. The storyline’s just not so gripping, I don’t know. Perhaps the good parts are coming soon in the remaining episodes I haven’t watch. Well these are just my initial review. That’s it. My 2cents.. x)
Verdict: 6.5/10 so far
TVB Review: Born Rich (富贵门)