Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay?

Handy Homo Prevention Tips For Concerned Parents With Suspect Toddlers

A parent can never act too soon in taking precautionary measures to ensure that their child will never become intoxicated with mommy’s perfume and choose to devote his life to being a prancing homo. By being both proactive and willing to inflict welts for Jesus, you can beat Satan at his own sick game and prevent him from turning your impressionable child into an ugly, rotting twig in the family tree crying out for brutal pruning.

Christian Doctors at Landover Baptist Hospital’s Homosexual Reparative Extreme-Psycho-Stabilization Ward have put together a handy list of preventative tips for concerned parents with newborns or toddlers. Please print out these Godly reminders and pop them in your purse the moment your water breaks for handy reference.

Read this before it’s too late. Too bad somebody in my house didn’t had the chance to see this when he was little.. And now he’s she’s a faggot/ half bitch.. *Shakes head*

Early Child Development Homo Prevention Tips

1. A boy must not sit on a toilet unless he is having a bowel movement. Standing straight up, not hunched over while urinating, is a sign of manliness. Squatting on a toilet seat (especially if he hovers to avoid the urine of others or prissily wipes the seat with a square of toilet tissue) to pee is not only effeminate but a sign of shame! It is a secret hobby that homosexuals use in their daily lives. It is a scientific fact that when needing to use the restroom, a male is called upon to engage in the unpleasant undertaking of extruding a poopy in only 1 out of every 3 visits. But homosexuals use all three visits to practice squatting, to limber the cheeks of their bottom in preparation for even the most enormous (Negro) penises. Such calisthenics are neither necessary nor advisable for men who have no intention of squatting over an engorged penis. As soon as your child is able to walk on two feet, you must make that sure he is taught to stand proudly in front of a private or public toilet seat, and to speak not a word, especially in response to the coy whispers of Catholic priests in the next stall.

2. A boy must eat everything on his plate. But if your son pesters you to serve corn on the cob, hot dogs or sausages, that is your signal to change his diet. Try serving meals that more effectively evoke a hankering for the fragrant delights of the female genitalia. An artichoke stuffed with tuna fish will usually do the trick.

3. A boy must always wear socks, except while swimming. So-called, “flip-flops” and “sandals,” where the toes and ankles are exposed are products that were created during the (homo)sexual revolution. Creation research indicates that these types of provocative “shoes,” were invented by homosexuals in San Fransissyco during the late 1960’s with fetishes for little boy ankles. Thwart the perverted delight of these pedo-pedophiles with a thick pair of tube socks!

4. A boy must not be allowed to watch cartoons of any kind. He should spend Saturday mornings sitting quietly by his Father’s side (with a respectful 3″ between the male bodies), watching sports that don’t involved male leotards. He must watch Football, Basketball, Baseball and Boxing. Soccer is not a sport for civilized people and often results in alarmingly long, uncut penises escaping from very alluring satin shorts. Soccer appeals only to poor, uneducated halflings from underdeveloped countries where the women grow mustaches twice as fast as the men. Make your child aware of this. When there are no sports on TV, take your boy out in the backyard and throw the football or play catch with a very hard baseball. Under no circumstances: wrestle in shorts, especially if your son is strapping, handsome and sporting a noticeably turgid crotch.

5. A boy must not play with dolls. If your boy has a young sister, forbid him from entering her room except for the purposes of the type of ordinary heterosexual experimentation that occurs in any Christian household. If you catch your male child playing with dolls, Landover Baptist Child Psychologists recommended that you shave his head, and sit him out at the end of the driveway with a sign around his neck that says, “I’m a Sissy Boy Who Plays With Dolls – Mailman: Why don’t you just go ahead and stick something in my mouth?.” This method of prevention has a 99.5% success rate (unless your particular mailman is young and attractive).

6. A boy must not refer to his parents as “Mommy” or “Daddy.” As soon as your boy is old enough to speak, he must be taught to call his Mother, “Ma,” or “Momma” or “Mommie Dearest.” When addressing his Father, he should refer to him as, “Sir,” “Dad,” or “Commander.” “Mommy” and “Daddy” are what fey, spoiled boys weaned on effeminacy coo, embarrassing you in front of the neighbors by never keeping the palms of their hands below their waists.

7. A boy must always wear thick, white underwear. White boxers, and/or briefs are acceptable. Your child must be taught that men who wear colored underwear or undergarments that are cut within one inch of the outer periphery of their pubic region or the trough of the valley between the cheeks of their bottom are either European or Homosexual – and in America there is no difference between the two.

8. A boy must never cry or pout. Crying, pouting or showing feelings are weak and feminine traits. After the natural tears of infancy, brought on by a child’s traumatic exit from the spiritual realm of Heaven, to the horrible shock every young man experiences in seeing his very own mother’s hairy, dilated vagina, and into this Devil run world we call, “Earth,” your boy must be taught to stop crying. It usually takes a normal child several weeks to get over its birth – even when using daily submersions into ice-water.If your child is still crying after three weeks, please drop him off at the Creation Science Laboratory for the remainder of the year and for a determination of whether he is worth having back.

9. A boy must not use brightly colored crayons or any crayons from any colors of a rainbow. Christian parents should remove and destroy any suspiciously colored crayons from their boy’s box of Crayolas. This needs no explanation, as we here at Landover Baptist are all familiar with Mr. Crayola’s so-called “alternate lifestyle,” and his reason for putting “Pansy Pink” and “Engorged Penis Head Purple” into his boxes are quite obvious. A boy must also draw in straight lines. Some curves are fine, but if you suspect your child of “doodling,” and see that he is using more curves than straight lines, please call your Pastor immediately.

10. A boy must not skip or prance. You must not allow your boy to attend any school where they teach the children to “skip,” or play “hopscotch” in Physical Education class. Creation Scientists have proved that such activities are the precursor to cross-dressing, appreciation for poetry, a sardonic display of irony and the rampant shoplifting of skin care products.

Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay?


I’ve kept lots of things to myself lately. Except for a few blurbs to a few dearest close ones. Got really demotivated these days. Skipped through classes for whole day at a stretch, stayed awake whole night long for god-knows why. Sleeping at times I shouldn’t be. Neglecting everything. Didn’t really put any focus on assignments, lazy to put up with people’s attitudes. Just freakin’ ignored everybody. Pretending like nothing’s ever happen. Pretending’s the only thing I’m good at with them now anyway.

When I keep quiet, people tend to climb over my head. The two and a half bitches bridage are at it again lately. Sometimes I’m really amazed by their level of intelligence, or stupidity whichever way you want to put it. Giving pure nonsense as reasons and excuses. I wonder if those stuffs came out from her mouth or pussy. But to make one thing clear, it is me ignoring you bitches now. Not the other way round. My feelings for you dropped to negative ever since the day I got myself bald. Just playing along with your bitchiness till I decided that’s it, can’t take it no more.. =)

Things are so complicated I don’t know where to start. From the moment those bitches started screaming at me? From the moment I knew she was just “testing her power” on me? Or from the moment she betrayed my trust and started being a double headed snake, being the “nice one” for both sides? Whatever it is, things got to this state finally.

And she thought I was being angry at her for choosing sides. LOL.. One thing for sure, others were just minor characters not deserving my attentions. Manipulate your two and a half bitches brigade all you want. At least some still know the truth.. =)

Great.. One week hiatus from my blog and this is all I posted.. =S


Hamsters overloaded!

Hazel gave birth to a litter of pups yesterday. 8 to be exact, 1 died.. 😦 So, left with 7 baby hamsters.  Hairless, pinky, and blind baby hamsters! Well, how could I not see the signs of pregnancy? I thought Speedy was the one pregnant all these while, and Hazel being the food hoarder was just simply over-fat from stuffing too much food in her pouch. Hahahaha.. Stupid me. Rex was hiding in the little house in the cage all the while Hazel was giving birth I think. Too scared to watch, can’t stand the tension of being a new daddy.. Lol.

That was when I woke up yesterday. Took a moment to register what’s happening and quickly got Rex  out of the cage. Hazel seemed so tired from the labour but she still fed her youngs. Imagine 7 babies biting at your nipples, hungry for milk! LOLOL! So, I decided to nourish Hazel kao kao with delicious treats. Purposely went to Tesco to buy Nutriplus Omega 3 eggs to boil for my hamsters. Stole a bit of brocolli from the vegetable section too.. Hehe.

I can’t wait for my hamsters to grow up now. Lol. Gotta wait 2weeks before touching and playing with them. Else, the mummy Hazel gonna eat them up.. :S And a new cage is coming up any time soon.. Ahh there goes my pocket money for this month.. So much for being at high risk for bipolar.. Haha, another story, another post, another day.

Pictures coming up soon. I promise.. 😀

I’m just being lazy and moodless to blog. Too much things to handle lately.

Hamsters overloaded!


Can I just find somebody to hug? Or maybe a little peck on the cheek might help to ease my pain. Or maybe sit by me, quietly, and gently let this night be over soon.

Shes starin at me

I’m sittin wonderin wat shes thinkin.


Nobodies talkin

Cause talkin just turns into screamin.


And now it’s I’m yellin over her

She yellin over me.

All that that means

Is neither of us is listening.

[and wats even worse]

That we don’t even remember why were fighting.

So both of us are mad for…


(Fighting for)


(Crying for)



But we won’t let it go for


(No not for)


Hearting this loadz. Listen and enjoy..


Had been, Do not, Would do..

Had something in counseling class today. Was supposed to draw out our pent-up feelings on a blank piece of paper. And then tore it apart to make a smiley face.



If this could make me feel just a little happier, I would have done it 101, 1001, 10001, or even 1000000000000001 times.

Moving on to other matters, whatever you people are up to, I wish you people best of luck. To think you had the cheek to say something regarding dignity and shame. And also appreciation.

Do not forward emails you don’t understand at all. Do not try to hint anything at me. If I expose everything, you will have to dig up a hole to hide. Not me.

Had been, Do not, Would do..

PHP – Sayonara

PHP Module 1 programme finally ended today. It’s been like 5 sessions already??! Good things sure don’t last long. But looking on the brighter side, no more waking up early on Tuesday mornings! =)

I sure do miss the girls everybody there.. xD

Plenty of PHP activities coming up next, so no worries. We gonna see each other plenty times soon.

PHP – Sayonara

Not bad for a Monday..

Had lunch at Wah Loong residential area with the tutorial bunch. There’s this one house which sells asam laksa. Location’s a little hard to describe cause the road’s a little windy.. xD

The asam laksa‘s not bad I guess. Not the best I’ve eaten. But it’s still good.

Asam Laksa.. Me hearts xD
Asam Laksa.. Me hearts xD

Evening, went to the Kampar old town’s waterfall. Not much pictures. Already went there too many times too soon. Still loved it though. Same crazy bunch, loads of wrestling, water splashing and “swimming” demos.

Picture of the day:

Hearts this even more.. =)
Hearts this even more.. =)
Not bad for a Monday..