The Three Meows?

Was never an avid fan of Germany, but they did well to send England packing home. In the end, the better team won, and 4-1 score was a fair reflection of the game. Lampard had a clear goal disallowed, the England fans are going to harp on it, but still it was time for lacklustre England to go home.  

However, much drama ensued after the Germany vs England match. It was reported in CNN that supporters from respective teams were hating and taunting each other to start a fight. Tensions were there, but to what extent, I don’t know. One of the German supporter got fed up and went straight to bed, and missed Argentina vs Mexico match. Oh, the hillarity.

As of now, Argentina is leading Mexico 2-0. Germany’s fans, better be prepared to chant Messi’s name from now.

The Three Meows?

Random photo post

Panoramic view from Westlake

This is what happen when I can’t sleep at all. I go around places taking pictures, lol. And I love the color of the sky taken.. 🙂

Well, there are loads of other pictures taken, but this one here is my favorite for the time being. It may not be perfect from a professional photographer’s point of view, but who cares? I still love it 😛

FYI, I slept at around 8:30am this morning.

You’ll be seeing more photo-blog in the future. Keep your eyes peeled open for more! Til next time.. 😀

Random photo post

Biblical me

Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth (3:18)

How true. I shall stop flirting from now on, at least for 24hours. LOL! Surprise me with a few verses once in a while. I love it! Haha. But not the whole Bible book.. 🙂

Verses aside, what is money if it can’t be spent?

Want money when no money. Cannot spend when got money?

Then what’s the use of money in pocket? Paradoxical concept of saving, fuck.

All the craps aside, I shall not procrastinate anymore on my Final Year Project! I shall come up with something by end of this week, by hook or by crook.

Oh wait, it’s already end of the week. FML.

Biblical me