Fortitude is all I need, ever

Quick recap for the past 3 days:

Disasterous 2D1N teambuilding program for Timberland at Eagle Ranch Resort, PD. I felt so bad for the participants that day.. T___T

The main trainer sucked cock needs to improve by hell-loads.

Overall another good experience where I handled all the logistics from accomodation, transportations, meals, jungle trekking guide, sea-rafting etc. If only my efforts were not wasted by the noob trainer.. Geesh. Thank goodness I have another colleague for the facilitation of program flow.

Stretched to the limit throughout the program. Plus the murderous jungle trek which took almost 2 hours to complete! And we realised it was ONLY a 1.5km trek. Burned off both my thighs’ muscles, cramped the calves, busted my lungs. Somehow, I miraculously survived the day after. Gotta put on an energetic front no matter how tired I was, well that’s what trainers do anyway so no complains.

Sea-rafting time wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t involved in the rowing! Mwahahaha.. Sat on a speedboat circling the beach area, nice!

Finished program around 4pm, day 2.

Had a really nice chat with their country’s manager after the program finished. Was at Starbucks, Midvalley.. 😀 Uber-successful career lady who managed all SEA’s Timberland’s outlets. Oh all the kinds of people that I meet during internship.. Got some ‘expected’ feedbacks from her regarding the teambuilding program, and then it was informal chats all the way; event sales, mystery shopping thingy, airlines services, her younger working days, cultural experiences from all over the place like Korea, London etc. The cup of frappucino was definitely worth spending.

Went to Carl’s Jr then. The burger there rocks! Period.

And I had the hyper mood to watch Wolfman at GSC after that. Good movie, Anthony Hopkins awesome as always. Went back home around midnight.

Woke up this morning for another half day teambuilding program for Towers Watson. Was angry at a scumbag for the whole day. Fuckin’ “taichi master”.. It’s all about owning up to own’s mistakes and responsibilities, and the ball-less fucktard taichi’ed everything aside. Making me the one to pick up his mess! And boss knew i was angry. My bad, for not controlling my EQ.. 😀

Came back to office at 9pm to rush proposals for tomorrow’s clients. 

Done proposals, Facebooked a little, blogged a little, now it’s 11:16pm.

God, I’m now Super Saiyan with limitless energy to use. Tell me, which intern work their asses off like I worked mine off?

Fortitude is all I need, ever

Bitter sweet is neither bitter nor sweet!

Never fails to reward myself after a hard day’s work. These are the things that kept me going all out, all motivated and psyched up for work. Watched Little Big Soldier by Jacky Chan and Wang Lee Hom at Midvalley last night! The message I got was probably wars are as pointless as the ending of the movie. Haha, not a bad movie, not very memorable either. Before that was at Subang’s Grand Dorsett Hotel doing teambuilding program for a bunch of VERY HIGH intellectual group of just 9 people – Swedish and locals. But their combined intellectual force was ovaaaaaaaaaaaaaninethousand! Couldn’t stand processing their trains of thoughts. Sort of ignored the whole group of people there. LOL..

Was a bitter sweet day at office today. Bitter part; had some confidentiality issues in the office today. Sorted it out like a professional would. Haha. And here comes the sweeeeeeeet part; boss is happy with my performance throughout this 2months. “You are welcomed to join this company after you graduate“, he said. Hope boss keeps his words.. *fingers crossed* And the decision not to take extra leave proved beneficial to myself. While others are happily eating cookies at home, me alone seized all the opportunities to show what I’m capable of. But then bitter + sweet = neutral. Not overly excited nor down. Just stressed by the workload so far. Not complaining, just telling.

This blog post is heading to the wrong direction now… Gotta stop here! Time to go back home! 11:43pm ffs! And I’m still at office! 😀

Bitter sweet is neither bitter nor sweet!

Happy Gong Xi Fa Cai!

If anybody tells me Chinese New Year is not about collecting angpows, I’m gonna give the fella a really good dressing down. Revenues from this year dropped for like, 60-HUGE-friggin’-%! Nobody gives angpows to grown-ups anymore.. T___T

Or maybe blame it on my own’s laziness to visit more of my friends and relatives’ houses.. Hehe.

Luck for this year is unusually good, where I’ve won some money in every gambles I was in. This year, I’m also in unusually good giving moods where NONE of the winnings from gambling went into my pocket. What’s mine is mine, and what’s not mine initially should be shared among others, with girls being the exception. LOL?

Holidays was short. Had 2 days off, friends complained wtf was I thinking when I told them I did not apply for extra leave. Long term rewards are sweeter in the long run. BUT.. Tonight’s steamboat seems more enticing than anything else at the moment. Too bad then.. T___T

Everyone else were fine, with a few hiccups in life. Every friends seemed to have their own path now, doing good generally. Am happy for them.. 😀

Lastly, my family in the year of Tiger! Love them loads!

Happy Gong Xi Fa Cai!


In the midst of busy work, I have forgotten one very important thing. Looking back at the few frustrating days, one thought popped into mind; “Where the hell are all my positivities?!” Am so sorry for emo-ing these few days.. HAHAHA.

Though the fool is still in office, I have learnt to block out all his negative influences lol. Still as dulan as ever with this fool but this won’t affect my work ever. Takkan la I stoop to his noob standard to fight with him right? 😀

Am so glad to ‘almost’ wrap up everything before Chinese New Year! Oh how some chirpy Gong Xi Fa Cai from some lady clients manage to work wonders on my mood! 😀

So in turn, I’m gonna wish you lots Happy Chinese New Year in advance! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Keong Hee Huat Chai, Angpow Gia Lai!


Random updates

I am happy. Happy because another TWO companies which I handled decided to have team building program with us.. 😀

Happy also because I get to eat Bengkang Pisang kuih from The Warung at Midvalley.

That’s about it.

You can stop reading now if you are expecting more happy news.

First thing first, “Najis sendiri, sendiri angkat”. Don’t simply shit everywhere then worry people might have a peek at your butt. My metaphors are uber awesome! LOL.. 😀 I’m a fence-sitter. I don’t take sides especially those which doesn’t involve me.


Do you get the feeling that all songs are about you when you are emo-ing, or was it just me?

Random updates

Love me, love me..?

Somebody got me thinking emo-ish stuffs last night. And the night before. And the nights before and before.. T____T

I guess I’m just afraid to give my all again to anybody ever. All questions, no answer. Stupefied. The words won’t come out no matter what. OH FML!

Oh god, give me a sign. Anything. The courage, the light, the call..? Unfreeze me.

Just so not ready to give it all again. Just so not ready to experience the ups and downs of a courtship.

Not that strong after all. Guess that despite the roughed out exterior, I’m still very much vulnerable to the core. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

I want the special someone to feel loved in all ways and for a long time to come. Oh how I would treat her everyday like the first day I fell for her.

Love me, love me..?