Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..

The noob me accidentally hopped into a limo-kind of taxi which cost DOUBLE the normal taxi’s rate two days ago. Watching the meter jumped 20cents every few seconds made my heart dripped blood each time the damn meter beeped.. T____T

Too embarassed to get out of the taxi, too timid to say anything else. Sat quietly all the way back home. FM-current-L!

It would be unfair to me if he asked me to work fulltime, with me having half year left before graduating. That’s what boss said. Hopefully by the time I graduate, I would be working here. That’s what I said.

“The thing with you being an intern is ou’re not gonna be here after April. So who’s gonna follow up what you do? When you are so used to walking with two legs, and suddenly one leg was taken away; you gonna be walking uncomfortably. So I won’t be so dependant on you..

Ouch. Deep words from boss. Did not attempt any interpretations with what he said. Well, I might get the wrong meaning? And we both kept quiet for a while after that. LOL? Anyway, that was after our meeting with Timberland at Midvalley. My first deal closed, technically! ^^

And then the other night, I had a sudden thought “What if I stopped studying & start working fulltime now?” First response from mum was “I WILL FUCKIN’ KILL YOU IF YOU DO THAT!” kinda response.. Well, not that my mum really mentioned the F-word. Haha. I told her how my first car would be a Myvi, how it would come with a uber Hi-Fi system that will boom the Myvi off it’s four wheels, how I would spray the car with some crazy colors. Maybe get a GPS for easy driving at KL also. Hehe. Then I would rent a condo unit or something, rent it out to unsuspecting noobs and earn extra income from there. And mummy asked me not to dream so early. Party pooper.. ==

Oh I’m just eager to earn my first real big fat paycheck.. VERY EAGER!

And this is not a dream. Can’t wait to graduate suddenly.. 😀

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..

To Eat Or Not To Eat?

Dropped a piece of curry puff on the floor last night.

and today I saw this..

Eat it or not?

Am continuously amazed by how sometimes fate arrange everything intertwined-ly in life.

Nah.. I saw this too late, and ate my curry puff anyway.

Well anyway, good for people who can’t decide what’s best for them in life.

My life, MY CALL! 😀

Every line before previous line were irrelevant. LOL?

To Eat Or Not To Eat?

It’s time for me to go Korea..

…to steal all the Korean mui-muis’  heart!

You know why?

Do you even have the faintest idea who this is?

Korean singer Kim Tae Woo! xD

Got this from a friend who said I look alot like this Korean singer dude! xD

What? You don’t think so. Let me find some of my “glamour” pose first.. HAHAHA 😀


Okay, maybe not. But the next one is definitely it!

Can you see my manly beard and total resemblance to this Korean guy yet? Any Korean ladies up for take tonight? 😀

It’s time for me to go Korea..

Bunny-Eared Gundam is Awesome!

Off topic – Current read: Nancy Friday – My Secret Garden (Women’s Sexual Fantasy)… Now I know girls fantasize about big cocks up their asses just like how guys fantasize having their big cocks up some girl’s asses.. Hmm? And the thought of your girl actually fantasizing about some other John Doe while you are doing her is somehow repulsive and distressing. Shopping list on her mind is entirely another thing. Any girls care to enlighten me? LOL.. 😀

Had my first training event at Royal Bintang Hotel last Friday. Overall good first start. Motivation programs like this keep me motivated for a while. Picked up few good pointers to be applied at work. Just that I screwed up abit on the last part, you know the last slides where appreciation song are sang. Had one slide with pictures from OTHER company. LOLOLOL! You should have seen my Oh-Shit!-expression that time.. T____T

Still I thought it was a job well done, overall. Just noting this down so I don’t commit the same mistakes in the future.

Woke up on Saturday with a burning urge to get Gundam Astraea after reading the preview off the net few days prior. After much dilly-dallying and failed reasoning, ended up at Chow Kit again on a hot afternoon. And tadaa..

1/100 Gundam Astraea! Credits to some dude over at

Prototype model of Exia which came out 15 years before Gundam 00 storyline. Not too sure about the fan-fiction but hell I’m still impressed with how the model actually turned out. No issues with the joints as reported in some reviews. Just doesn’t really like how the proto GN sword is mounted on its arm. There are better ways to put in on the arm IMO. But then, build was satisfying. Not really complicated, easy snap build. I like how “innovative” I was with the chest orb.. Used a green Gillete shaver plastic for a dark shiny green effect! xD 

Real pictures coming up soon. I promise.. xD

Bunny-Eared Gundam is Awesome!