Why do dogs eat dogs?

If I have so much energy typing for my blog, why don’t I start doing my FYP? I have been searching for the answer to this question for far too long, lol. Guess I still couldn’t see the point of handing up the project to whoever that’s gonna mark it. 60+ FYPs are gonna be passed up by Psychology students alone this semester. Out of the 60+, 4-5 best ones are gonna be kept and put in library. The rest, I couldn’t bear to imagine UTAR chucking them into a store room or worse, be burnt. Pass up for the sake of pass up, what do we learn from it? Polishing crapping skills?

Enough FYP flaming, lol. Nak, tak nak kena buat jugak! 😛

Life-wise: Uneventful, the word pretty much summed up my life as of now. Maybe apathy is applicable too. Couldn’t care less what others think or do now. People, when I look around, are all Mister and Miss Mimes; doing what they do best, putting up shows, staging dramas, entertaining the whole campus. Couldn’t they just live out the remaining 2 months peacefully? Why do people want to stir up shits for?

On a different note, I made a HUGE mistake approving my aunt on Facebook. Skipped class, posted it on my status, and got a long ‘advice’ from her. Just a matter of time before my mum knows about it, *facepalm*.

Why do dogs eat dogs?

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