Upcoming plans! xD

My head tells me I have to go to Terengganu, to save turtles from end of the world.

My mum says otherwise, with reasons only known to her.

My heart tells me I needed to see the turtle hatchlings, one of the 10,001 things I must do before I die.

My mum threatens to cut off my financial support for this month if I ever go, and she’s definitely not kidding.

But.. Michaelangelo from Ninja Turtles said “Let’s go for it!”

3-2! In the end, me and Ninja Turtles won! And I am going no matter what.. 😛

So, Chagar Hutang wait for me! Will be there from 9th – 16th October 2010! 😀

Upcoming plans! xD

September happenings!

2 weeks worth of updates:

Study week with the bunch *Chiu Yen, Mei Jing, Lawrence*. We technically studied together for one or two subjects, that’s all. The rest of the time were mostly fun-time which consisted of chit-chatting, Ipoh, and foooooooood. Time well spent; slightly productive and had fun. The most difficult thing was striking the correct balance between work and play.

Wasted my effort on one failed project; a wooden ferris wheel. The carts couldn’t move freely.. 😦

Painted and all, but the carts are stucked.

Final examination took up one whole week. I personally felt that I’ve done enough to not feel guilty on results day, haha. Still I could not understand why some people whined and whined, and whined and whined after every paper. It was almost like a ritual, to see status updates on my Facebook’s wall every time a paper ended. And the worst part; they ‘liked’ each others whiny status updates. Urgh..

21st September 2010. We *as in Chiuyen, Pui Mun, Pei Ru, Mei Jing, Chiang Wey, Lawrence and me* celebrated post-final cum Chiu Yen’s birthday at the De Garden’s Airport, Ipoh. Atmosphere’s tip top, food’s so-so, and severely damaging to the wallet, LOL. But hey, they have a live band! I like this one particular hip-hoppish girl in the band.. 😛

The rest of them then TERRORISED the place with their non-stop camwhoring at every corner they could fit themselves in. Wasn’t a sight to behold, but wtheck it’s all for the one night fun, LOL. Me? I sat in one corner watching the live band as they belted out It’s My Life from Bon Jovi. Second stop was McDonalds, where we sang happy birthday out loud to Chiu Yen once the clock struck 12am. Judging from her facial expressions, it’s safe to assume that she’s happy as a chirpy bird. 😀

Flying away your money
The hip-hop girl took this for us.. xD

22nd September 2010. Planned steamboat dinner. Too little time, too much celebrations. Went to the market early in the morning. Bought all the necessary ingredients and the girls actually left all the preparation to two guys. Lawrence, clueless as can be, was pretty much helpful throughout.. 😛

Night came, steamboat started. The food was yummy-licious! We had tomyam, herbal and clear? soup and loads of fishballs. Snuck out halfway through the steamboat dinner to meet up with Wai Jing and her cousins.

Rejoined the steamboat bunch later.They were around Westlake carrying lanterns, wishing random strangers and it rained all of a sudden. Everyone of us had to run back and were drenched from head to toe. Haha, we were still crazily happy though. The dinner ended shortly after.

Mouth-watering, no? 😀
Photo of the night 🙂

Click here and here for more photos.

Was supposed to be back home the day after. Had a change of mind, thought of final year project. And so here I am at Kampar for the rest of my semester break. I really really need to get rid of my final year project to feel happy and guiltless, asap.

September happenings!

I hate coming up with titles..

I don’t know how to say this more un-gayish-ly, but I have come to realise that no matter what, home is still the best place to be. The greener pasture out there does not exist; never did, never will. Sure, nothing last forever; neither will this. Therefore, to all the people reading this: Appreciate what you have now, no matter how fucked up you thought you were. Take this from a guy who never went home more than 3 times a year for the past 3?4?5? years previously.

I felt so much better after typing that out.

Moving on, I had a nice catch-up meeting with the girls tonight. A couple of them whom I never saw for like almost 3 years or more. And all have grown prettier by the years. I never realised this, swt. Well, I may be lost sometimes amidst their conversations because I have no idea who or what they are talking about but hey, it’s the company that counts. I have forgotten how much I loved to hear gossips until now; though virtually none of them are related to me. LOL.

And lastly, I think I need someone to provide me with an updated list of new cafes in Muar. I’m so outdated, boohoo! 😛

Be back home next week! Again.. 😀

I hate coming up with titles..

Lucky day: Tuesday, Lucky color: White, Lucky number: 5

Today’s horoscope..

Now’s the time to enjoy financial benefits of recent hard work. BUT your love life may not fare so well. You’re forever falling for the detached, elusive types – the ones that always seem to get away. Also check your health. Relax, or excess tension will train(?) much-needed vitality.

Swt. Scary how horoscopes always managed to strike me at the most inappropriate time.

Lucky day: Tuesday, Lucky color: White, Lucky number: 5