Alcohol, Me no Like!

Drinking is bad. Don’t go “Like duh I don’t know” look yet! You really don’t know how bad it is til you tried it. Okay, I really don’t know how bad it is til I tried it. For me, it’s double the badness factor cause I’m allergic to it. You know, the red rashes all over my body, swollen fingers yada yada.

But the silly me still attempted to imitate those heart-wrenching  scenes in movies where the hero’s beloved either died or had an affair with the hero’s best friend.

Despite all the warnings and the already known allergy reactions, I went ahead. I remembered going to bed in a dizzy condition. I’m not drunk yet *Yeah right, the classical line every drunk person had* but I can’t stand needing to look at my keyboard from an inch away whenever I wanna type something. Seriously, I’m not drunk by then. Tell me how many people can paint the finger nails with nail polish when they are drunk??! None eh? Hehehe.. Okay, so I slept. For a while, until my back started itching. Itching like a flea-infested bitch! Body trembled like fuck. I woke up, stood up, walked to the toilet, had a pee pee. And my head spun so wildly suddenly, I fell, flinged everything out of my way with my hands, head knocked don’t know what and ka-boom!

That was first fall. Got up groggily to bed, slumped down. Had the urge to pee pee again few hours later. Same process, even louder ka-boom! I was like wtf I keep getting dizzy for no reason! This time banged me wide awake. I was so god damn scared to get out of bed after that. LOL. For the whole day, I stayed at bed too afraid to move an inch.

All the while had to bear with a ring stuck on my swollen finger. So, moral of the story is… Never drink while wearing a ring. You never know where the ring will end up at when you’re drunk. Perhaps the sixth FINGER? That happened weeks ago. I know of even worse case scenario, but hey I’m telling you my own experience. So fuck it if you think this is nothing. I don’t care.

No more alcohol from now on. It’s a promise =)

Alcohol, Me no Like!


“Now you close your eyes and at the same time try to look at the slide here..”

“You know at Kelantan and Terengganu, where they have those pepet show called wayang kulit..”

Yeah right, apparently wayang kulit is the new skin flick in Malaysia according to my lecturer. And skin flicks I like! Okay, I misheard the pepet part so what.. Hehe.

Yeah sweattttttttt.. T_T||

But, if you think about it. Wayang kulit, skin flick, wayang kulit, skin flick, wayang skin flicks.. Makes sense?

Enough about skin flicks. Did anyone notice the numero uno sentence? “Now you close your eyes and at the same time try to look at the slide here..” Epic phailed example of a certain DOCTORATE lecturer in UTAR. And she’s one of the reason why my class-skipping rate soars sky-high recently.. =)


Not Funny!

In the pursuit of Happiness. This time starring Wynken, not Will Smith. With a slightly different plot. No, I didn’t lost EVERYTHING and I’m not going to work as a stock-broker or whatever. I just lost BIG and gained NONE.

So, this is making me totally negative now.

The emo’ing me had calmed down but then something’s lost along the way. I don’t find funny things funny anymore. Ya right wtf. In between choosing a fake smile and sporting a dead-pan face, I chose the former but occassionally the latter when everyone’s out of sight. Everything seems so.. Distant? And I’m so.. Isolated? I don’t know. Maybe.

It’s like getting substituted at half-time in a football match, you see. The frustration, but not being able to voice it out. And you can do nothing except head for the exit quietly. The fans boo you, the players look at you one kind, some shaking their heads, the boss glares at you and the oppposing team grinning from eye to eye. In the end, you lost your motivations to fight anymore.

Ha, my active imagination is speaking and I’m going Jungian!

Stupid textbooks making me thinking of theories and stuffs. Wtf. And did I mention midterm’s started since last week? And and it’s making me fat! McD for supper last night, second round of supper with Maggi double, egg, fried chicken and Nescafe, lunch at KFC this afternoon and 4 sticks of ice cream after that.

2 days. 200,000,000,000,000,000,000 worth of calories taken. Awesomeness.

L0L.. Wut teh F%^&! L337 sp34k! L0LCAT RoXX! Ignore the incoherent me. Why do I keep referring to myself as the third-party? Wtf.

But then, it felt good to be able to fart out so much tonight. It’s been in my system for too long.

Not Funny!

I Need Motivation!

I keep writing stuffs and leave them unfinished halfway. No, it’s more like one two sentences then stop. And I ended up with tonnes of unpublished drafts. Never really had the heart to do anything anymore. Wtf. I’m seriously contemplating to leave this as a draft too now. Lol wtf, better hit the post button before it’s too late now.

I Need Motivation!

Gone Case!


That’s all I could really describe myself now.

It seems to me, my existence here really doesn’t worth a god-damn cent! The world hates me. People hate me. They hate me. She hates me. Brilliant year indeed, this 2009. 2months into new year, bloody bad things still not showing any signs of stopping. They just come and come and come and bloody fucking drown me in their bloody fuckin’ strong current.

Nothing ever goes according to my plan. Good intentions are somehow distorted to the point that they become malicious. Sincerity and kindness becomes ill intentions and hatred in the eyes of others. Stupid people who bloody think they are bloody clever hatched their evil little schemes to bring me down. And then there’s the good people who thinks they are really clever and end up doing something really stupid against my favour. Some are no-brainers who caused ceaseless troubles for me.

You say I keep complaining about others and what about me?

Well, I’m the biggest fool of the century for letting things get out of control. A fool for being so naive towards people. A fool for treating others especially her so damn uber good. A fool in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Most of all, a fool for being blinded by what they supposedly call ‘love’.

Gone Case!

Post-VDay Syndrome!

Midterm’s in 6hours time and here I am again thinking of the same old thing again and again and again. Wtf, yeah I know. Why does it always have to be like this??!

Where is my ‘happily ever after’ after so long? For once, I hope that fairytales ending will come true. Valentine’s over and I’m suffering from post-vday syndrome. If only she never received any gifts and flowers from others, I wouldn’t be thinking nonsense right now.  

If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be thinking about how 1 + 1 wouldn’t be equal to 2 and stuffs like that. I wouldn’t be thinking of flowers in my head now. I wouldn’t need to be jealous or anything of that sort. I wouldn’t be thumping my heart wherever I went. I would be right at my table studying for tomorrow’s test.

If things weren’t so tensed between us few days back, I would have given her the biggest bouquet of roses for Valentine’s day. Because I had doubts, I let slip of the chance, and others had the opportunity to get to her.

Fuck the ifs.

I still do care for her. Very much. <deleted>

Post-VDay Syndrome!


Here’s my long overdued post. Went Sushi King the other day.

Main point is I had Ika Sashimi! aka raw squids.. ^^

Too bad I forgot to take pictures that day.

Ika Sashimi from Sushi King
Ika Sashimi from Sushi King

That was the FIRST time I had that, and will be my LAST time ever to eat that raw squishy thingy.