Samurai time! :D

Previous week was like a roller-coaster ride to me. One moment I was doing my FYP at library and getting yelled at by son-of-a-bitch motorist, the next I was back in Muar for 4 days and (yes there’s more lol) finally a couple of days at KL with Calvin and Waijing.

Ate, slept, played mostly at Muar. Squealed, shrieked, and rapped at karaoke.

Ate, ate, played, played, played at KL. Had little time to sleep, lol.

Also, I finally bought myself a Shin Musha Gundam Sengoku No Jin set.. 😀

Over-extended my little break time.

Now it’s time to make up for all the previous loss time.

But before that, let me fill up my tummy first.. 😀

Musha Gundam
Holy cuteness Shin Musha Gundam! xD
Samurai time! :D

The road less taken

Okay, I had a little situation today. Was stuck at UTAR’s library until 8pm plus. I wanted to cycle to new town (marked X) to print out some stuffs for FYP.

So common sense would certainly dictate me to take route B, which is the shortest of 3 routes before going back home at Danish House. Here’s the catch: route B is fucking dark, with untarred and uneven road. And god knows when the people there digged a fucking big drain across the shortcut, and I can’t find any way to cross it in the dark. So, I had to turn back.

Now it’s either route A or route C..  Route A is the safest of all routes with little on-coming traffic. Route C, a main road which is a little shorter with huge-ass on-coming traffic. I chose route C.

Thinking back now, I think I made quite a stupid choice. Luckily nothing happened, lol. Thoroughly deserved it when the damned motorist yelled “Mau mati ka?!” at me.. T~T

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by.. But I got fucked instead.

But then again, I still think it’s the fucking retarded fella’s fault, who digged a big drain across route B, LOL?

In the end, the route I took was longer than all 3 combined.. FML~

The road less taken