Cut subsidies my fuckin’ foot!

Last few weeks, the media were lavishing praises on Najis Economic Plan, saying how brilliant the fucked up plan is in strengthening our financial situation. Or how our nation had enjoyed ‘super’ huge profit in the first quarter or so.

This Friday, the newspaper headline reads something like this: Rm103b can be saved, else we be fucked by 2019.

And above all, prices of every fuckin’ things you can think of will be raised. Subsidies to be taken off for petrol, cooking gas and oils, food etc. Toll prices will go up, hospital will charge RM3 instead of the normal RM1, petrol prices going up every few months until 2014 bla bla bla..

A classic example of how fucked-up nation ruling system adds burden to their people. And we are forced to take this stick up our asses for our own and future generation’s good.

Why are we in this fucked up state now? Our very smart government decided to spend waste more than half a million for a 2page spread ad featuring our PM’s wife being confered “International Peace and Harmony Award” not too long ago. And then the gazillions wasted on buying outdated/disfunctional/functionless helicopters, submarines and jet engines. And the Prada-strudding army. Millions were spent just to get an audience with Obama the other time. Obama must be laughing his ass off why the heck people would pay few millions just to shake his hand and chat with him. Anyone remember how we sold water to our neighbour Singapore for 10cent per gallon and have it bought back for few ringgits per gallon? The list goes on..

How about Najis slash the wages of him and his entire cabinet by 50% and live in an attap house instead of living in luxuries at Putrajaya? How about Najis stopping the “IHYYHM” syndrome which is so rampant in our country? IHYYHM stands for I Help You, You Help Me. How about them being more productive and stop wasting our resources for a change? And why didn’t anybody mention anything about cutting off subsidies to the undeserving Bumis?

I figure we could save more than RM309b like this and in the process restore our nation’s pride and integrity. Unless the government change themselves first, nothing they propose is gonna work.

Cut subsidies my fuckin’ foot!

No fish, prawn ma good..

Like the Hokkiens used to say “Bo hu, heh ma ho!”.

So I went for prawn-fishing with Calvin and Airin at I-don’t-know-where.. Heh heh.. RM16 per hour, RM26 for 2 hours, 3 hours don’t know how much plus free 1 hour. It was our first time and naturally we acted like noobs there.

Was provided with a rod, tiny blade and a bunch of earthworms, friggin’ disgusting EARTHWORMS. Pretty easy, we just need to pluck up our courage to slice up the worms and hook it onto the rod. Fling the thing into the pond and just wait patiently for the catch.

Sounds too easy?

Poser.. xD
Poser.. xD

I missed two prawns which ate my bait and left me with an empty hook. Bloody. Caught one finally when the time’s almost up! Calvin got two. Imagine this, 3 prawns for RM32. Uber sakit hati! Lol. Even more sakit hati was, we threw all three prawns away just like that lol.

Anyway, it’s the means that counts. Enjoyed this, but second going? Not too sure about this, hehe.  

Had mamak session after that, Airin went back home, me and Calvin second round, then we went back. A night well spent.. 😀

No fish, prawn ma good..

Oh oh, here we go again

Now I can finally relax! xD

Officially finished my internship last Friday, 10pm. The whole team went down to Hardrock Cafe for a little farewell after that. The live band there was freakin’ awesome. Am starting to love live band performance ever since I saw one at Thistle last last week. 😀 Not much of a drinker that night. Didn’t even finished half bottle of Jack Daniels ordered. The nachos there were delicious! Pizza so-so. The girls there, to die for.

I’m dreading two things now; one Kampar, two my internship report is so fucked. Mwahahaha. I shall not let the pile of crap undermine all the effort I put into my work this 5 months. Fuck the grade! xD

Kampar-bound again, le sigh.. I don’t wanna see anybody there if possible lolx. I don’t know if my ‘study mood’ will be back after 5months absence.

Sigh.. T_T

Oh oh, here we go again

Say you, say me, say it always, say it together

Say what?

Good question, no answer. People don’t say out loud what they want.

And I hate it when I have to play mind games all the time.

Watched Alice In Wonderland last night, and I felt deeply for the Mad Hatter when he said “I don’t like it in here. It’s terribly crowded. Have I gone mad?”

Have I gone mad?

Good thing, because all the best people are bonkers.. x)

Say you, say me, say it always, say it together

Nothing on you, beautiful girls all around

For the longest time I haven’t blog properly. Missed so many  monologues in my head lolx.

So today, I’m gonna tell you how yours truly saved a damsel in distress at Mcdonald, Midvalley.. x)

Bloody McD was so damn packed til I couldn’t find a place to enjoy my double cheese burger and spicy ayam goreng McD. When I spotted an empty spot, the bugger there had already reserved it for his girl who’s down there ordering food. @#$%!

Lucky me, someone cleared their table after that. So I sat down there alone munching down my food. And then this kinda cute girl caught my eyes hehe. She was looking for a place to sit too and she was alone there too. She was walking up and down, searching frantically, losing her mind, grabbing her hair… *okay, I made this part up 😛*

So I offered her my table to sit together and all, and asked her if she’s alone. Was hoping her to say she have more friends down there, but too bad the answer is no. Haha. She’s kinda shy and all, so I decided not to kacau her hehe. Noticed she was a promoter for Dutchlady or something there.

I quickly finished my food and left her. Feeling good I have at least done something good to strangers that day. A pretty stranger, that is.

Why am I so dumb not to get her contact when she’s sitting in front of me munching her burger shyly? I should have at least asked…

 “Got milk?” xD

Nothing on you, beautiful girls all around