Random Updates!

I stumbled upon a blogger who says “Wtf” more than I do and has explanation for why she says wtf so much. Yes, a SHE.. Wtf? I like! Lol.. *fourfeetnine*

Wait til I do my own version of why I say wtf so much. Yes, yes.. Inspirations incoming! ^^

Oh, now not only mum said I looked pale. Even Boey said so.. And Calvin with his blank look of approval. *OMGasp!* If one said so, never mind. Now three??! T-T||

Met up with them at Secret Recipe. Wtf. Imagine. Three guys, one table, no gals, so damn expensive! Lol. And I couldn’t feel any bits of the RM12 lemon cheese cake and ice lemon tea in my stomach.. T-T||

Random Updates!

One thought on “Random Updates!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    tat’s the disadvantage of not having me ard la… altho not lenglui, at least considered gal la… hahaha… 3guys summo wana go such high class place… swt… btw, i m curious… r u reli on drug??? y so pale??? must b not having enuf nutrient… ervyday fat-free or watever nonsense… padan muka… bluek… =P

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