Home finally! Nothing much to say. Mum managed to make me LOL’ed big time last night.

Mum said:

1. I looked thinner already T_T|
2. My hair’s ugly T_T||
3. I’m pale like on drugs or something T_T|||

Me say: NO WAY! You old dy lar.. Don’t know fashion.. Bad taste! Hahaha..

Suffice to say, I’m home now, alive and kicking and in greatest of health.

Sidenotes: I hate it when people acts as if they know me too god damn well when they don’t even have a single friggin’ clue as to what I was thinking in my head! Eat that, you piece of shit!

Side sidenotes: I also wanna say, I hate it when people snuggle up to each other like nobody’s business! Shit you, people! Want make love, make it at home please. Especially when you are ugly. Irritated me to hell yesterday in bus. Gargh.. My eyes!


One thought on “Home!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    hahaha… ur mum act said tat??? the 1st n 2nd comment i still can accept… the last one made me laugh like mad… must b too much of maggi gorend dy… hahaha…

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