Didn’t get the girl I want. Didn’t get the results I want. Have nothing at the end. How bad can it go some more? Left with nothing but a 3.175 GPA. I’m a noob. Period.

No, I shouldn’t be so negative. It’s not the end of the world. Gotta fling this self-defeating attitude outta the window!

It’s a tad better than what I expected earlier. But then, I can’t accept it, when faced with reality. Whatever reasons I may give myself, ultimately it boils down to myself. People don’t understand why I’m saddened by my results. Okay, I may fair better than most of the people here. But what others get is none of my business. It’s the failure to live up to the promise I made to myself and mum that irks me. And 3.1 something isn’t exactly good by any standards.

My rantings aside. What’s past is past. Mum seems to be okay with my results when I told her. Hope so.

Work harder smarter next time. Get rid of the distractions! Maybe even castrate myself to get rid of the fuckin’ love hormones. Wynken will be soooooooooooooo omfgzombie imba next sem! Mark my words!