w y n k e n x [ d o t ] b l o g s p o t !

Since everybody’s doing it, Wynken’s not gonna be left out too!

Here’s the ad-driven version of my blog! 

w y n k e n x [ d o t ] b l o g s p o t

I still couldn’t find the import function on blogger. Blardy sucks… So, in the meantime bear with my blogspot for a while. Contents may differ from this main blog.. Check that out regularly too ^^

w y n k e n x [ d o t ] b l o g s p o t !


My blog looks like a blog once again! The hits counter shot up like mad yesterday! 68 views in one day! That’s a new benchmark for me.. I’m not any lengnuis to attract anybody to visit my blog for the sake of having conversations with me.. Did I do any publicity recently? Err.. Nope. Whatever~ The good ol’ feelings are back again after so long… xD

Omgzzz.. I’m spouting rubbish here instead of sleeping.. Sweat~ As Jian put on his MSN pm, his day time is his night time and vice versa. Yea, mine too. But then, mine is more extreme than his.. LOL!



Wow! Seems like everybody’s blogging now. Or blogged before. From the aunties at the kopitiams to the cleaner at the toilet. Okay, I made that up. But seriously, everybody’s hopping on to the blogging bandwagon!

My inbox is full of email notices about irrelevant ah beng/ah lian who has updated his/her Friendster blog every day. So fuckin’ irritating. Oh god, I’m stuck now.. Wakaka!

Well, what I wanna say is: I stumbled upon [name shall not be disclosed]’s blog on Friendster today. Rather interesting. Although it’s dated 2years back and is now collecting dust in the Internet. As I always thought of, people are not what they seem to be on the outside. They never fail to surprise you.




One thing that’s sure in the Internet is: there’s no privacy for you, me and everybody. What we do over the Net will be known to others. It’s just a matter of looking at the right place plus a little technical know-how. Keeping a blog private, having a secret online fling, hate-mails and blogging about someone we hate in the blogosphere.

Blogging about people that infuriates me. I do that alot.. Haha! That’s why I don’t use names except for mine and a few.. Isn’t it funny how we used to give a nick to refer to the one we are giving a dressing down? The fuckface, the double-faced asshole, faker bla bla bla.. All these sounds like characters from the Batman movies. I know people reads my blog. But I still wanna write about it.

It’s not like you can’t deny whoever you’re scolding after that.. A little acting dumb plus a few cutesy emoticons will do the work.. ^^

Asshole: Eh, who you scolding ar in ur blog?

Me: Oh… Hehe. Someone u dunno lar.. Some “Asshole” lor..

Asshole: Icic.. LOL! Scold ’em more!

Me: I will, you fucking asshole! I was referring to you in my blog! Eh, busy now.. Chat later!

This kinda tone down the point of ranting about someone you hate in the Internet? It’s all in the name of Peace and Harmony. The “smarter” assholes will know I’m referring to them and will not ask me who I was referring to. Conflicts swept under the carpet and avoided, you feel good after that dressing down and you start a brand new day without keeping what’s bothering you!

Moral of this article: Never put on the Internet what you don’t want others to see. There’s nothing a simple Googling can’t find out. If you insist on doing so, be anonymous. A safer way is to write on a stone slab and have it buried a few thousand feet under the ground. Even that is not privacy-proofed.