Wrong priorities are wrong

There’s this one particular rage among us Malaysians recently: the poodle-abuse thingy and it has got almost everybody on their toes. These people went to the extent of hacking the abuser’s Facebook and got hold of all their personal details, organised petitions and protests, making dozens of police reports, got SPCA from Singapore and Malaysia and all animal rights activists involved and whatever you saw on Facebook etc. Even newspapers reported this issue umpteen times.

The thing is, Malaysians in general love to poke their nose deep  into ‘unimportant’ matters. Not to say, I condone any act of cruelty on animals. If only these people showed the same enthusiasm in more pressing national concerns say, corruptions, crimes, economy etc. Wasn’t bombing a certain Mongolian model with C4 explosives way ‘crueler’ than this? Weren’t trigger-happy cops more crazier than this? What about the death/suicide/murder of a political aide?  Or how about the cops who beat the shit out of a certain frame-maker just because of expired road tax? What about.. The list goes on.

Sleep on that. Or watch V for Vendetta if you haven’t.

Wrong priorities are wrong

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