I’ve got the magic in me

Went on a spending spree last week at Lowyat and One Utama, lol. Got myself a brand new Nokia X3 Touch and Type, one BUM Equipment t-shirt, two Ecko Unltd t-shirts and one Romp jeans. Total bomb dropped on my wallet: RM830 worth of explosive fire power, LOL. But I liked it, cause I was spending what I earnt myself.

To own this t-shirt is one thing, to wear it is another.. Hahaha!

Favorite loot of the day: Lady Death, Ecko Unltd
Vibrant Ecko Unltd.. xD

Yay yay, showing off.. xD

Romp jeans, Ecko Unltd t-shirts 🙂

Switched from a die-hard Sony Ericsson’s fan to Nokia this time round. SE was pretty disappointing lately. Very happy with this new phone so far! 😀

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

I feel like a girl, updating people about my shopping loots.. LOL!

I’ve got the magic in me

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