New toy in the house! xD

Some pretty nifty toy I picked up at one of the bookshops today.

Glatorian Legend, Stronius

As most of you would have noticed from the box, this is actually a bootleg version of Lego’s Bionicles series. Still, hats off to China for being so resourceful and productive. Nothing they can’t copy and cheaplify for us low-end consumers. Haha.

Stronius (its name), holds one hell of a big thorned club and looks menacing with its black skeletal frame. Only the red color is slightly off the originals, with the latter being brighter and bolder. Articulation-wise, it is impressive with just a minor kinda-loose right ankle. The building process is fairly quick and simple. Just gotta superglue a few plugs to keep the armor pieces in place.

Expect me to add a few more models to my “Bionicles” collection soon.. 😉

New toy in the house! xD

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