Coffee, ___ or me?

I have always had this thinking, or philosophy you would’ve called it; that girls are like tea. Yea, the drinking tea’s tea. Ever wondered why people say “Oh, she’s not my cup of tea this and that..”? Here’s why:

Like girls, tea too have different categories: the higher, middle, and lower class ones. I shall start with my least two favorites first.

The high class tea types

Typical green tea or Oo-long tea types. Expensive like fuck and they tasted bitter, yucky etc. But people will insist they are nice because it sure is expensive.  Generally,  rich people will still fork out money to buy/drink them. In fact, these rich people WANTED to be seen drinking these teas.

Read: High maintenance girls who looked classy, but have close-to-nothing admirable in them. And they think they are something else. Only for rich guys who can afford to play with them.

The low class tea types

Imagine iced Chinese tea aka “Suet Cha” you ordered at hawker centres and food courts. They cost you 50cents at most and God knows what they put inside the water to make it so brownish. These Suet Chas, you either drink them when you are really low on money or the other option is plain water. And the best thing about Suet Cha is you can pour them down the drain or just leave it half full on the table and you wouldn’t feel a single pinch of heartache.

Read: Readily available girls, mostly not good-lookers. And guys have them just for the sake of having them, no choice.

And now for my favorite:

The middle class tea types

The teh-tarik/teh ais from mamak stalls. They are neither too expensive nor cheap, and they are SWEET! You can never get tired of having them, cool to be drinking them with your buddies at mamak and most importantly they don’t burn a hole in your pocket for drinking them. You can even hop from one mamak to the other until you find one which suited your taste best. Watch out for the sugar level though.

Read: Everybody’s favorite girls, down-to-earth, not too sloppy and affordable. Oh yes, they can be heartbreakers too.

The next time you tell girls they are not your cup of tea, remember to tell them which type of tea they are, hahahaha.. 😉

Coffee, ___ or me?

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