I hate coming up with titles..

I don’t know how to say this more un-gayish-ly, but I have come to realise that no matter what, home is still the best place to be. The greener pasture out there does not exist; never did, never will. Sure, nothing last forever; neither will this. Therefore, to all the people reading this: Appreciate what you have now, no matter how fucked up you thought you were. Take this from a guy who never went home more than 3 times a year for the past 3?4?5? years previously.

I felt so much better after typing that out.

Moving on, I had a nice catch-up meeting with the girls tonight. A couple of them whom I never saw for like almost 3 years or more. And all have grown prettier by the years. I never realised this, swt. Well, I may be lost sometimes amidst their conversations because I have no idea who or what they are talking about but hey, it’s the company that counts. I have forgotten how much I loved to hear gossips until now; though virtually none of them are related to me. LOL.

And lastly, I think I need someone to provide me with an updated list of new cafes in Muar. I’m so outdated, boohoo! 😛

Be back home next week! Again.. 😀

I hate coming up with titles..

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