What if I am a Russian spy?

One really interesting thought came into my mind; What if I am a Russian spy? 😀

Firstly, I would have to give myself a last name after some sugar or spices. Wynken Sugar, Wynken Pepper, Wynken Chilli Powder, or Wynken Kunyit? I personally like Chilli Powder, LOL. Call me Chilli Powder, Wynken Chilli Powder! Sounds freaking ‘powderful’ to me, LOL!

And then, where would I work at? Putrajaya! No contest on this one. And as the story goes, I will be assasinating Obama when he comes to visit Malaysia. I would then subtlely implicate Al-Qaeda just for the fun of it. US will be pissed, and somehow make a failed revenge attempt on Rosmah for example. Having scared the shit out of her, she will be bugging Najib to launch a nuclear attack on US.

Unknown to Rosmah, Najib’s actually a Russian spy too, the same as I am! Just a class ahead of me (We have a Russian academy just for spies). So, as Najib’s identity had been exposed, and he damn beh tahan Rosmah’s nagging, he put  a bullet in her head. I will be there to purposely incite Najib to defy Rosmah, and make him launch the nuke at Russia, yeah! He launched it, officially giving Russia a perfect excuse to obliterate Malaysia from the atlas.

Unknown to Najib pulak, Russia’s nuke power is like 1,000 to 1 compare to Malaysia’s. And they have submarines that actually sinks and shoot missiles. And fighter jet planes that are actually not missing any engine parts (Sorry la Najib thinks every countries’ defence cacat like ours one ma..). So we kena bombed damn jialat by both US and Russia. Najib tried to escape Malaysia and enroute his escape, he got caught by the Russians. He was then sold off to Soviet Union to become a prostitute.

I became the national hero of Malaysia for getting rid of Najib, for a while (they all still don’t know I am a Russian spy yet). But after that my identity got exposed, and I kena tangkap also. Enroute to Kamunting, I jumped off the helicopter and fell into the jungle deep in Taiping. My body was not found, and nobody know if I am still alive to this date.

The end. Wynken Chilli Powder, the Russian spy.


Disclaimer: All characters are fictional and have nothing to do with the living or dead, fat or thin. tall or short. All similarities to real life events are purely unintentional and deeply regretted. Scumbags may or may not leave any comments depending on the discretion of this blog’s author.


What if I am a Russian spy?

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