Terrific Thursday!

Went to CGMC Community Centre in Ipoh today. Pretty interesting place set up by Christians to help the jobless, homeless or addicts. Had a chat with one or two apeks at the centre there, heard their stories and all. Not exactly the kind of drug abuse centre I had in mind before going, but the experience was well worth it.

Went to Jusco after that to catch Knight and Day, pretty decent movie. 

Last week’s A-Team was far more fanstatic! It could well be the cult movie of the year, LOL.

Anyway, we went for Chap Gor Peng at Tong Sui Kai near Sam Tet school after that. Slurps.

Am looking forward to going to The Vineyard Keeper, a drug rehabilition centre at Chemor, wherever that was, LOL!

Anyone with me? 😀

Random shot of the night. 😀
Terrific Thursday!

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