No fish, prawn ma good..

Like the Hokkiens used to say “Bo hu, heh ma ho!”.

So I went for prawn-fishing with Calvin and Airin at I-don’t-know-where.. Heh heh.. RM16 per hour, RM26 for 2 hours, 3 hours don’t know how much plus free 1 hour. It was our first time and naturally we acted like noobs there.

Was provided with a rod, tiny blade and a bunch of earthworms, friggin’ disgusting EARTHWORMS. Pretty easy, we just need to pluck up our courage to slice up the worms and hook it onto the rod. Fling the thing into the pond and just wait patiently for the catch.

Sounds too easy?

Poser.. xD
Poser.. xD

I missed two prawns which ate my bait and left me with an empty hook. Bloody. Caught one finally when the time’s almost up! Calvin got two. Imagine this, 3 prawns for RM32. Uber sakit hati! Lol. Even more sakit hati was, we threw all three prawns away just like that lol.

Anyway, it’s the means that counts. Enjoyed this, but second going? Not too sure about this, hehe.  

Had mamak session after that, Airin went back home, me and Calvin second round, then we went back. A night well spent.. 😀

No fish, prawn ma good..

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