Oh oh, here we go again

Now I can finally relax! xD

Officially finished my internship last Friday, 10pm. The whole team went down to Hardrock Cafe for a little farewell after that. The live band there was freakin’ awesome. Am starting to love live band performance ever since I saw one at Thistle last last week. 😀 Not much of a drinker that night. Didn’t even finished half bottle of Jack Daniels ordered. The nachos there were delicious! Pizza so-so. The girls there, to die for.

I’m dreading two things now; one Kampar, two my internship report is so fucked. Mwahahaha. I shall not let the pile of crap undermine all the effort I put into my work this 5 months. Fuck the grade! xD

Kampar-bound again, le sigh.. I don’t wanna see anybody there if possible lolx. I don’t know if my ‘study mood’ will be back after 5months absence.

Sigh.. T_T

Oh oh, here we go again

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