Nothing on you, beautiful girls all around

For the longest time I haven’t blog properly. Missed so many  monologues in my head lolx.

So today, I’m gonna tell you how yours truly saved a damsel in distress at Mcdonald, Midvalley.. x)

Bloody McD was so damn packed til I couldn’t find a place to enjoy my double cheese burger and spicy ayam goreng McD. When I spotted an empty spot, the bugger there had already reserved it for his girl who’s down there ordering food. @#$%!

Lucky me, someone cleared their table after that. So I sat down there alone munching down my food. And then this kinda cute girl caught my eyes hehe. She was looking for a place to sit too and she was alone there too. She was walking up and down, searching frantically, losing her mind, grabbing her hair… *okay, I made this part up 😛*

So I offered her my table to sit together and all, and asked her if she’s alone. Was hoping her to say she have more friends down there, but too bad the answer is no. Haha. She’s kinda shy and all, so I decided not to kacau her hehe. Noticed she was a promoter for Dutchlady or something there.

I quickly finished my food and left her. Feeling good I have at least done something good to strangers that day. A pretty stranger, that is.

Why am I so dumb not to get her contact when she’s sitting in front of me munching her burger shyly? I should have at least asked…

 “Got milk?” xD

Nothing on you, beautiful girls all around

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