Last week at Kajang

Celebrated Ken’s birthday at 21st Century Cafe, Kajang Hill last Thursday. The place was awesome! Nice ambience, loads of chicks, beautiful view from top, and most importantly the people there that night! 😀 I won’t be complaining about the mediocre service there though.. =X

It's been a while.. Love this!

Followed by Broga Hill, Semenyih early Saturday morning around 6am! Went mountain climbing after whole night of Dota’ing with the bunch.. :-S

Drained, depleted, wobbly, dizzy.. LOL. And the buggers rather dash to the top to watch sunrise than accompany me slowly hike! They know who they are la..

Almost-failed hike.. hahaha. My stamina sucks. Somehow made it to the top with the bunch at the second peak. No more energy left for the highest peak.. I shall conquer it next time! 😛

We made it! 😀


Treasured moment.. 😀
Last week at Kajang

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