Slowpokes are slo-mo

The thing about inefficiency is, it kills. To know such nonsense still exist to this day is mind-boggling. The unbearably slow pace in getting from point A to B. And complicating and adding unnecessary hassles to a very simple process.

Am so worn out last weekend. To the extend I fell asleep at office until 9:00pm today. Thanks to UTARD for wasting my whole Friday last week. But in return, I got to meet Peiyee! and also Priya of course.. 😀 Saturday and Sunday were even more time and energy consuming as yours truly was at Kajang helping his buddy crap out his FYP.. 5 hours of sleep, out of 72hours.

Life is slow this month compared to previous few months which had me in work-overdrive mode. And I have been craving for actions lately. Ask boss to increase my workload? LOL.

Had a new addiction lately.. Plants VS Zombies! Childish whatever, it’s fun and strategically captivating! Pew pew pew.. 😀

Slowpokes are slo-mo

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