Fortitude is all I need, ever

Quick recap for the past 3 days:

Disasterous 2D1N teambuilding program for Timberland at Eagle Ranch Resort, PD. I felt so bad for the participants that day.. T___T

The main trainer sucked cock needs to improve by hell-loads.

Overall another good experience where I handled all the logistics from accomodation, transportations, meals, jungle trekking guide, sea-rafting etc. If only my efforts were not wasted by the noob trainer.. Geesh. Thank goodness I have another colleague for the facilitation of program flow.

Stretched to the limit throughout the program. Plus the murderous jungle trek which took almost 2 hours to complete! And we realised it was ONLY a 1.5km trek. Burned off both my thighs’ muscles, cramped the calves, busted my lungs. Somehow, I miraculously survived the day after. Gotta put on an energetic front no matter how tired I was, well that’s what trainers do anyway so no complains.

Sea-rafting time wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t involved in the rowing! Mwahahaha.. Sat on a speedboat circling the beach area, nice!

Finished program around 4pm, day 2.

Had a really nice chat with their country’s manager after the program finished. Was at Starbucks, Midvalley.. 😀 Uber-successful career lady who managed all SEA’s Timberland’s outlets. Oh all the kinds of people that I meet during internship.. Got some ‘expected’ feedbacks from her regarding the teambuilding program, and then it was informal chats all the way; event sales, mystery shopping thingy, airlines services, her younger working days, cultural experiences from all over the place like Korea, London etc. The cup of frappucino was definitely worth spending.

Went to Carl’s Jr then. The burger there rocks! Period.

And I had the hyper mood to watch Wolfman at GSC after that. Good movie, Anthony Hopkins awesome as always. Went back home around midnight.

Woke up this morning for another half day teambuilding program for Towers Watson. Was angry at a scumbag for the whole day. Fuckin’ “taichi master”.. It’s all about owning up to own’s mistakes and responsibilities, and the ball-less fucktard taichi’ed everything aside. Making me the one to pick up his mess! And boss knew i was angry. My bad, for not controlling my EQ.. 😀

Came back to office at 9pm to rush proposals for tomorrow’s clients. 

Done proposals, Facebooked a little, blogged a little, now it’s 11:16pm.

God, I’m now Super Saiyan with limitless energy to use. Tell me, which intern work their asses off like I worked mine off?

Fortitude is all I need, ever

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