Bitter sweet is neither bitter nor sweet!

Never fails to reward myself after a hard day’s work. These are the things that kept me going all out, all motivated and psyched up for work. Watched Little Big Soldier by Jacky Chan and Wang Lee Hom at Midvalley last night! The message I got was probably wars are as pointless as the ending of the movie. Haha, not a bad movie, not very memorable either. Before that was at Subang’s Grand Dorsett Hotel doing teambuilding program for a bunch of VERY HIGH intellectual group of just 9 people – Swedish and locals. But their combined intellectual force was ovaaaaaaaaaaaaaninethousand! Couldn’t stand processing their trains of thoughts. Sort of ignored the whole group of people there. LOL..

Was a bitter sweet day at office today. Bitter part; had some confidentiality issues in the office today. Sorted it out like a professional would. Haha. And here comes the sweeeeeeeet part; boss is happy with my performance throughout this 2months. “You are welcomed to join this company after you graduate“, he said. Hope boss keeps his words.. *fingers crossed* And the decision not to take extra leave proved beneficial to myself. While others are happily eating cookies at home, me alone seized all the opportunities to show what I’m capable of. But then bitter + sweet = neutral. Not overly excited nor down. Just stressed by the workload so far. Not complaining, just telling.

This blog post is heading to the wrong direction now… Gotta stop here! Time to go back home! 11:43pm ffs! And I’m still at office! 😀

Bitter sweet is neither bitter nor sweet!

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