In the midst of busy work, I have forgotten one very important thing. Looking back at the few frustrating days, one thought popped into mind; “Where the hell are all my positivities?!” Am so sorry for emo-ing these few days.. HAHAHA.

Though the fool is still in office, I have learnt to block out all his negative influences lol. Still as dulan as ever with this fool but this won’t affect my work ever. Takkan la I stoop to his noob standard to fight with him right? 😀

Am so glad to ‘almost’ wrap up everything before Chinese New Year! Oh how some chirpy Gong Xi Fa Cai from some lady clients manage to work wonders on my mood! 😀

So in turn, I’m gonna wish you lots Happy Chinese New Year in advance! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Keong Hee Huat Chai, Angpow Gia Lai!


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