Wake up call!

Super epic facepalm to the politics in our country. The fools are emerging one by one, and what the fuck can our people do against them? NOTHING!

This morning, read news about Anwar’s sodomy trial case online. And in between the absurd lines lay the most absurdest of lines:

The prosecution, in its opening statement, says they will prove that semen stains taken from Mohd Saiful Bukhari’s anus belong to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

What the fuck is wrong with the pea-brained people making a mockery not only of Anwar Ibrahim’s image but the country’s as well. Don’t they know that people from other countries might watch our news also?

Other headlines which caught my attention was the one where Pentagon sacked their f-35 general JUST for “not meeting a number of key goals and benchmarks“.

Our country’s RMAF on the other hand had missing jet engines and yet NO fuckin’ action was taken against ANYBODY. Some Min-Def shits just have to say they don’t know anything about it and hope the matter is swept under the carpet by more moronic news. What had the freaking “pending investigations” revealed to us so far? NADA!

Will you be surprise to find in time of war…

we’ve got rifles, but no bullet?
we’ve got tanks, but no wheel?
we’ve got artillaries, but not rounds?
we’ve got planes, but no engine?

And I have long wanted to say this, “WHICH FUCKIN’ DUMBASS DIGGED UP THE “ALLAH” ISSUE IN THE FIRST PLACE??!” What the fuck?! No more jokes to serve foreign countries? Which fuckin’ dumbass instigated the arsons on churches and had pig’s head hung at the mosque? Who benefited from all these? Why the racial tensions again and again? Moronic? Have a look at the moron disgracing us on international front:

And the Mahathir’s BTN shits uncovered not long ago where government servants are taught to be racists, and shits like that.

Despite many participants claiming that the course conducted by BTN was ‘divisive, racist and politically motivated’ Mahathir came to the defence of the BTN modules by saying that ‘there is no need to revamp National Civics Bureau (BTN) training modules as in the current form, they were fine for instilling the patriotic spirit among Malaysians’. How could the modules instill patriotic spirit among Malaysians when the course emphasize on the “Ketuanan Melayu ” concept and the condemnation that the chinese and indians were pendatangs whose sole aim was to take over the whole of the malay achepelago..?

Do I need to go further back for more political clown shows to emphasize my point? I’m just pissed that our country is and will still be led by morons. When is the mentality of our people going to change?

Wake up call!

One thought on “Wake up call!

  1. Jerms says:

    HAHAHA… watching your video… makes me laugh when reach 21:00… XD

    How will Islams (60% population) be confused by Christians (probably 20%) teachings. LOL

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