Bunny-Eared Gundam is Awesome!

Off topic – Current read: Nancy Friday – My Secret Garden (Women’s Sexual Fantasy)… Now I know girls fantasize about big cocks up their asses just like how guys fantasize having their big cocks up some girl’s asses.. Hmm? And the thought of your girl actually fantasizing about some other John Doe while you are doing her is somehow repulsive and distressing. Shopping list on her mind is entirely another thing. Any girls care to enlighten me? LOL.. 😀

Had my first training event at Royal Bintang Hotel last Friday. Overall good first start. Motivation programs like this keep me motivated for a while. Picked up few good pointers to be applied at work. Just that I screwed up abit on the last part, you know the last slides where appreciation song are sang. Had one slide with pictures from OTHER company. LOLOLOL! You should have seen my Oh-Shit!-expression that time.. T____T

Still I thought it was a job well done, overall. Just noting this down so I don’t commit the same mistakes in the future.

Woke up on Saturday with a burning urge to get Gundam Astraea after reading the preview off the net few days prior. After much dilly-dallying and failed reasoning, ended up at Chow Kit again on a hot afternoon. And tadaa..

1/100 Gundam Astraea! Credits to some dude over at Deviantart.com

Prototype model of Exia which came out 15 years before Gundam 00 storyline. Not too sure about the fan-fiction but hell I’m still impressed with how the model actually turned out. No issues with the joints as reported in some reviews. Just doesn’t really like how the proto GN sword is mounted on its arm. There are better ways to put in on the arm IMO. But then, build was satisfying. Not really complicated, easy snap build. I like how “innovative” I was with the chest orb.. Used a green Gillete shaver plastic for a dark shiny green effect! xD 

Real pictures coming up soon. I promise.. xD

Bunny-Eared Gundam is Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Bunny-Eared Gundam is Awesome!

  1. I have this kit, when I bought this I felt that this won’t do good because I have Exia already. But turn out Astraea is better than Exia, with Exia’s armament me think.

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