Pro Trainer is Pro

Life’s a little off balance this week. Tasks were starting to pile up real fast and the responsibilities getting heavier. Presentation slides, proposals, accounts, a book to finish, and don’t-know-what-may-come before the end of this week. Still, nothing beats a good Facebooking and bloggging early in the morning! xD

Meant to update my personal life sooner but as mentioned earlier, me = B-U-S-Y! Kononnya.. 😛

The gang from Muar came last weekend. Watched Old Dogs by John Travolta and Robin William, had Shogun’s buffet, went to Fullhouse, a boutique cafe, clubbed for the first time in mah life, and had Bak-Kut-Teh at Klang. The rest are all just random time-wasters not worth mentioning at all.

And what’s even fun was before the day before. Sort of “explored” Chow Kit area myself. To look for toys supplier lolx. For Gundam model kits. Yea I know.. GG. Ended up with MG 1/100 Strike Freedom: Full Burst Mode and MG 1/100 RX-93 Hi-Nu Gundam! xD

MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Gundam


MG 1/100 Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode

Tadaa! Anyway, the price was like 40% cheaper than market price and so yeah, this two. No regrets.. xD


Pro Trainer is Pro

3 thoughts on “Pro Trainer is Pro

  1. a Hi Nu Gundam, I also pre-ordered this in my local forum.
    Get this in February.

    Too bad I only get normal Strike Freedom, I want the Extra Finish though.
    Oh are you a Honglierz too?

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