Whatever comes to mind..

People would stop reading my blog now if I were to start off this post with “Today’s my third day of work and..”. But then again, it’s my blog and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do! So here goes:

Today’s my third day of work and life had been pretty mundane yet strangely good in a good sense of way. Everything seems to fall in nice order now. Office, back home, sleep, wake up, cycle continues.. I just made my life sounds so bad here but trust me, it’s not. I felt alive, motivated to get my life moving.

Just waiting for activities and events to come rolling in to spice life up a little.

Office life, boss called barely ten minutes into work looking for Sue and I can’t recognise his voice. Asked him who he was. Got the word “N00B” stamped all over my forehead.. LOLZZZ. Sue was late as usual, and got all tensioned when I told her boss was looking for her. Gotta learn to backup colleague in future, noted.

Torn between boss and pretty colleague.. Mwahaha. Dilemma dilemma.. A lot of “what ifs” are floating through ma mind now.. Hmmm.

Whatever comes to mind..

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