Keseorangan Pada Malam Sebelum Krismas

This Christmas eve I’m spending it alone. Just like all the previous Christmases.

On this rather uneventful day, me woke up early, had breakfast at Ghany and cycled all the way to settle the bills at Maybank and TMnet.

Chiu Yen on the other hand was sleeping soundly when I decided to call her. Twas 11am then.

Also on this uneventful day, I met Nini on my way back. Accompanied her to buy a chipmunk soft toy for her boyfriend and had lunch with her.

And then the boring me decided to cut me hair to make this rather uneventful day more eventful.

Still, the day was uneventful. It was soon filled with Priya’s boring nags and noise. For a while. And then she and Peiyee went back home.

The day went downhill all the way after that.

Dinner was lonely. Shops were closed tighter than whatever, I was gonna say pussy-hole. LOL.

Saw three stray dogs chasing a poor mice. Dead at the end, but it did put up a brave fight.

Nothing else to say. No merry Christmas for me.

Who’s gonna fill up my Christmas eve and the day itself? T___________T

Keseorangan Pada Malam Sebelum Krismas

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