Perfect Life is NOT Perfect

Study hard, means not studying smart enough. Study smart, means not studying hard enough. Whined for more free time when busy. Whined for something to do when too free. Loads of money, don’t know where to spend. No money, don’t know where to find money. Got girlfriend, girlfriend is irritating. No girlfriend, sighing while self servicing you-know-what. I don’t want life to be on two extreme ends. When you achieved something on the other end, you want the one on the other end.  Balanced life is boring. Too exciting, can’t stand it. How to have perfect life then?

Ignore my random craps. Just randoming. Kekeke..

Special announcement: Woot! The visitor count to this blog just shot past the 10000 mark!

I guess I’m famous in some way. Lame fame, I know.. xD

Perfect Life is NOT Perfect

2 thoughts on “Perfect Life is NOT Perfect

  1. U ain’t famous XP Btw, I read ur posts at times to make sure you never talk bad about me~ or perhaps one day when you write a 52435 words testimonial about me, I would be the first to notice. And also coz there’s snow in your blog =P
    I agree that we shouldn’t be at extremes coz when we are, we would feel that the other far end is sooo much greater yet far. But how can a balanced life be boring? It’s like juggling things well or like trying to balance on see-saw. It requires hard work and constant care or you might just easily fall off or slide to another end~

    1. hallelujahhhhhhhhhhhh.. i see lights from above.. kakaka.. your points noted.. =D

      of coz there’s snow in my blog lar.. pro one ma.. hehe. i’m famous okay? ur blog got 10k hits meh.. ><"

      give you 50words post on my blog kai wan siao lo! my famous is about me de ma.. xD

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