Sunday Morning Mania

The three of us cycled to Ghany this morning at 5am. Before that, I was busy with my Infinite Justice for almost the whole day. Well it actually took me more than 20hours to complete it. Damn syok with the end results.. Study? Nada.. xD

Back to the three of us part; it’s been a long time since we came out mamak’ing together. All these while me packing back for them ish. Went to Westlake, hoping to watch sunrise after that.

Panorama view of West Lake @ 7:00am

Fooled around, moved to Westlake garden after that. Took even more photos. Was happily taking photos for them and then we missed the sunrise! -____-

Still, we had fun! xD

Cycled back around 8:30am.

Tomorrow’s the first day of finals. God bless.. xD

p/s: Maybe I will upload a few silly photos later. Stay tuned.. xD

Sunday Morning Mania

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