Random Update is Random

It’s the time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about Christmas LOL. It’s the slumpy mode everyone gets into when finals are approaching. Been very unproductive academic-wise. But then, I worked my ass off at KL PC Fair last weekend. Rushingly rushed to KL, and then rushingly rushed back to Kampar. And got myself back into this slump.

And I’m really itching for Infinite Justice now. God bless me and my wallet.. LOL. 3 days worth of work, all invested into Gundam. The second Master Grade 1/100 I’m gonna get! Can’t wait.. Can’t wait.. xD

Updated: Santa decided to come earlier this year. Blessed I am for being such a good boy. Kekeke.. Lucky shit the Gundam shop closed tonight. Mr Santa came disguised as Kakeat, asking me whether I wanna get Sony Ericsson C901 or not. Secondhand that is. For if I splurged the money on Infinite Justice earlier tonight, my phone would have to wait longer.. xD

Saw the phone. Liked it. Asked Kakeat to go for it. Wonders if he struck the deal. Fingers crossed. God bless me. Merry Christmas woohoo!

Updated update: Boohoo! Looks like I won’t be getting the C901 after all.. T.T

Random Update is Random

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