Review: Left4Dead 2


It’s back! 4 new characters; Nick, Rochelle, Ellis, and Coach. And the new assortments of weapons to choose from!  Grenade launcher, various shotguns, rifles, & snipers, Magnums and some other crazy melee weapons like chainsaw, katana, frying pan, axe etc. Endless ways to mutilate zombies on a bad day! Millitary sniper, chainsaw and grenade launcher being my personal favourites! And then there’s the bullets’ effects thingy like the explosive and sparky shots! xD

Badass Chainsaw!

Oh, new special infected on the block too! The Charger has a mutated, oversized arm, able to move quickly and knock players in its path off their feet. And it can fuckin’ choke slam you again and again til somebody saves you.  The Spitter well, spits acid all over the place.  The Jockey jumps on you, makes you suck it’s dick dry makes you lose control of your movement, and the bloody infected zombie will start swarming all over you. New zombies include zombies in riot gear, Hazmat suit, clowns and crawling-like thingy zombie which looks a lot like Gollum.

Original specials stayed in this L4D sequel; Boomer, Tank, Witch, Hunter, & Smoker.

Gameplay is nothing new, with cooperative first-person shooting style ala Left4Dead. Shoot your ways through hordes of zombies and scream all the way towards safehouse to advance to the next level. And then laugh at your noob friends who shot the least amount of zombies or did the least amount of damage to Tanks and Witches.

If words can’t convince you, here’s a video on L4D 2 gameplay:

Fun Factor: 7.5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Gore Factors: 7.5/10

Conclusion: Better than L4D, go get it now! Anyone itching for some zombie-killing now? xD

Review: Left4Dead 2

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