The Madness Continues

After whole night of L4D2 with Jeremy and Lawrence, the sleep-deprived me went to Jusco, Ipoh with Chiu Yen, Pei Ru, Eugene and Priya. Sleep? None.. xD

Watched Twilight – New Moon. Couldn’t understand the people’s obsessions with the movie. Pretty much sucked cock.

And I got this book from the Popular bookfair:

Being A Happy Teen, Andrew Matthews

Which was probably the most worthy stuff I got from this Ipoh trip.. xD

Did extensive damage to my wallet this time. And I don’t friggin’ care! Mwahahaha!

The Madness Continues

2 thoughts on “The Madness Continues

  1. lurveyee says:

    what’s L4D2? @.@
    and being one of those who kind of obsessed with “Twilight”, i will have to agree with you that New Moon kind of suck.. :p

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