UTAR Trekathon 2009

Yours truly was at Lake Gardens, KL for UTAR’s Trekathon 2009 today. Ran Okla, sort of ran for like 6km in the super-duper hell-of-a-huge park! Okay I admit I walked for like 6km.. But it’s still hell of a walk! Loves the scenery there. Loves the air there. Loves everything there.. x)

But was a tad disappointed by the food provided. After bertungkus-lumus to reach end point, we got nasi goreng KOSONG as our reward! It was dry and hard and barely edible.. -______-

At least Mr. Das from the Sports and Recreational department gave all of us some gay keychain pouch from Memory Lane as our souvenir, which I’m gonna hang around my bag now. Haha.

Oh, I felt 5kg lighter already! xD

UTAR Trekathon 2009

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