1/100 MG RX-0 Full Psycho Frame Unicorn!

What’s in a box, master grade, comes with 16pieces of plastic, and induces hell loads of finger pain? It’s not some sort of sado-maso torture device in case you are thinking of one.

Stupid question when the answer’s already on the title.. xD

Ma first ever 1/100 sized Gundam model kit. Mwahaha. Can’t explain why I bought it, despite all the financial troubles I had since starting new semester. Id stronger than ego and superego combined. GG~ Actions against all logics. Turning a blind eye on the consequences even when conscience knowing perfectly clear it’s not right. Emough emo-ish shits.

Back to Unicorn. Took me 2 sleepless nights to complete it. The parts are more complicated than 1/144 HG Gundams, obviously. Broke it’s horn, cracked the Unicorn’s mask in the process.. Damn heartache! T-T

Luckily it’s some minor parts I can live with. The model turned out real great! Was so awed by the complexity of every parts of the body, you could almost hear me wowed out loud every time I complete a part. Hahahahaha!

Pictures, as usual would have to wait.

1/100 MG RX-0 Full Psycho Frame Unicorn!

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