Clash of The Utarians!

With the girls
The netball officials - From left to right: Priya, the Form4 girl, me, Catherine and Ashlyn

Guess what? Yours truly, me was the score keeper for Clash of Utarians’ netball competition this morning! And of course netball wasn’t the real purpose I was there in the first place.. xD

Netball team
The Kampar team warming up to sweep the KL team aside

And indeed our Kampar campus team “sapu” the KL team! Final score 14-5.. Good job girls! *Proud giler!*

Before everything ended, managed to snap some pictures with them all.

With Catherine.. x)
Ashlyn with the Form4 girl
Priya & Catherine
Priya and Catherine

As I know, Kampar team dominated in other games as well when I was there.

Basketball: 33? – 28?

Badminton: KL losing, the last time I heard.

Didn’t stay for volleyball, tug of war, ping pong and futsal. Kampar’s gonna sweep them anyway.. Haha! I overheard a Kl campus student saying they came all the way to Kampar to lose only. ROFL to such low-confidence in own campus.

Clash of The Utarians!

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