Ewww, yucks?

I had a fairly gross and disgusting dream the other day when I was taking my sweet afternoon nap.

In my dream, maggots were dropping out from my right big toe infinitely. I somehow plucked off my toe nail and big fat white worms were wriggling in my toe. One by one it dropped out, me using my palm to prevent them from dropping to the floor. I’ve forgotten how the dream ended but one thing for sure I wouldn’t want to experience that again.

That left me with squishy feelings for the following few days. Damn.

Apparently, according to some flimsy dream interpretation website, the dream meant I was focusing too much on the negative aspects of things. Worms, being a symbol of filth and weakness, were used to symnolised the people around me. Why were they under my toe nail, I don’t know.

The following image is gonna gross you out real bad!

Do not scroll down if you just had your meal.

You’ve been warned..




Worms World Party woot!

 Hehehe. I’m noob in this game.. x)

Ewww, yucks?

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